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Technology in 2122: ITS Predicts the Future

Technology in 2122: ITS Predicts the Future

With the transformation of technology seeming to be progressing almost every second, our future has been rapidly progressing towards a totally tech-reliant world wherein data is the new oil. A hundred years ago, in 1922, who could’ve imagined that people would be communicating via virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and be assisted by robotic technology. The world is moving at a fast pace, and ITS is here to predict the technology in 2122. 

For decades, humans have been able to employ AI in the form of brain-computer interfaces, nanobots, and virtual assistants. Biological brains, on the other hand, are now 100 percent compatible with software, opening up hitherto unimaginable possibilities. It is now possible to connect our brains to a super intelligent AI and increase our intelligence by a millionfold. AI can assist us in our daily lives by guiding us and assisting us in making the best judgments possible, regardless of the situation. All we have to do is tell it our basic life goals and the goals we want to attain in each situation, and it will take care of the rest.

What would homes be like in 2122?

It’s 2022, and we already have smart homes wherein everything is controlled from the tip of your fingers through artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things

In the future, 2122, homes might be fully automated yet portable, expandable and relatively smaller in size due to the anticipated expansion in population. Houses will be embedded with smart technologies to maintain themselves, allowing the users to linger around without having to do any regular chores. Homes would also contain mini food production units that can automatically make food as per the users’ commands. As time and technology progresses, homes are anticipated to have the most luxurious comfort settings wherein buildings will improve user health, wellness, comfort, security, safety, and productivity. 

How will humans travel in 2122?

Cars (which is happening even currently), and maybe even air travel or flights with no pilots will become commonplace very soon. We will not hesitate to travel in autonomous aerial vehicles. Aviation's future will be both sustainable and seamless. The aviation industry will be carbon negative as flights become emission-free. Floating automobiles, pods, and other vehicles will frequently be seen gliding through the air. They'll float on top of a magnetic cushion and be powered by wireless energy supplied from underground pads. The sight of a parked vehicle floating in mid-air will become more prevalent.

How’s the weather going to be in 2122?

To some extent, science has already discovered ways to alter the environment. We've already been seeding clouds with particles to encourage precipitation for about 50 years in California. For instance, before the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Chinese authorities fired 1,100 rockets into the skies to cause downpours. There have even been attempts to discharge laser pulses into thunderclouds in the aim of causing lightning to strike in a controlled manner. Going a step further, scientists will discover ways to build a completely programmable environment in which hurricanes and even sunshine may be controlled. Based on computer signals, we will be able to influence weather patterns around the world.

How would VR work in 2122?

Despite the fact that virtual reality has become a reality, it still does not create a complete sense of being transported to another world due to its inability to perfectly manage all of the senses. Virtual reality will almost certainly become more intrusive in the future, with the ability to regulate our sensory inputs and make virtual reality completely indistinguishable from reality. How is that feasible, though? It's possible if technology can stop sensory signals from being transmitted and received in the brain and substitute them with artificially created sensory experiences. That is, the person will be transplanted to a completely different universe and will be completely controlled by artificial sensory inputs.

What would be the advancement of Space exploration in 2122?

By 2122, self-sufficient colonies on the moon and, more ambitiously, Mars will exist. They will require devices that can extract available resources and repair themselves, even if they are still small in number—perhaps only a few hundred people. Mining asteroids, which NASA is already planning with the Robotic Asteroid Prospector, will provide another supply of life-sustaining materials. People will board vessels built entirely in space to go from one asteroid to the next. By 2122, space elevators, which are essentially cars attached to extremely strong lines by either powerful magnets or robotics, will be invented, allowing them to go thousands of miles into space. These elevators would make space travel more affordable, convenient, and consistent. We might possibly have an answer about other extra terrestrial beings in our universe. Existence of orbital solar energy farms that have satellites that run on solar energy, equipped with solar energy capturing panels. They will transmit the captured solar energy to earth in the form of microwaves.

What is the future of Healthcare?

Many services that were traditionally performed in clinical settings can be automated and delivered to patients in their homes in the year 2100. For rich individuals, full-body scanners that can provide a wide range of diagnosis and treatments are now a regular household equipment. These gadgets are also available in medical clinics, where they can be used for a fee by the majority of people. Personal health pods exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. The process will take only a few seconds. This machine can prescribe a medicine or other therapy for minor health issues. Robotic arms, robotic instruments, lasers, and nanobots can be used to treat conditions that require surgery. Nanobots may be injected and steered using magnets and their own small motors. 

Do your part now for a brighter future!

While there are many more interesting possibilities like time travel, teleportation and invisibility, the existence of human life is being debated lately due to climate change.z Scientists have already predicted that future heat waves will endanger millions of lives around the world every year; the sea levels would rise substantially reducing the habitable land on earth, toxic gasses would pollute the atmosphere even more and several new kinds of bacteria and viruses would start affecting humans as the Ice in Arctic and Antarctic circles melts. 

It is vital to take responsibility and act to change the future of the earth, it is all of our duty to protect our planet and provide a safe environment for our future generations. ITS encourages everyone to reuse, reduce and recycle; We encourage everyone to not litter, to plant trees, and to be a beacon for hope of life for our future generations.