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TOP 5 Information Technology Related Oddities & Curiosities

Ranging from incredibly useful to somewhat strange additions to everyday life, the tech world is ever evolving in innovative ways. Here is a list of the 5 most interesting things we discovered on the Internet today, in no particular order of oddities and curiosities.

1. BMW Color-changing Car

You may have seen one of these color-changing cars before, but this one is made by BMW - the German automaker’s new concept car. It’s the i Vision Dee. What makes this one unique? It can switch between 32 colors in multiple patterns thanks to a set of 240 e-ink displays that cover the exterior. This is only a concept car, and none of BMW's color changing cars created with the help of digital paper manufacturer E Ink have made it into production so far. This year's model was designed to showcase BMW's vision for an augmented reality system and an AI assistant named Dee — two things that are, safe to say, won't be hitting public roads anytime soon. But it's still fun to see that the technology is at least getting there! We like where it’s going!


2. Qoobo Robotic Cat Pillow Pet with Moving Tail

A “robotic pillow with a tail intended to provide a sense of comfort to users,” Qoobo mimics the presence of a pet for those who may not be in a position to take care of a living animal but still want the joy associated with a living animal. The internal mechanism responds to user touch and responds to the affection with a wag of the tail. This device was carefully designed to mimic the behavior and movement of an animal’s tail.

3. Slugbot Gardner Device

The perfect device for gardeners that are tired of slugs damaging their gardens, the slugbot employs heat sensing technology to locate slugs amidst a garden environment. Upon identification, the machine uses its long arm to scoop up the slug and stores it in a compartment filled with decomposing bacteria that break down the slug. This process creates electrons which ideally could be converted into energy to power the device however that innovation is still in development.

4. Selfie Toaster

Have you ever wanted to take a photo and eat it too? Once the user sends in a selfie to this company, the image is prepared using Adobe Photoshop and a computer-guided metal cutter creates a plate of the photo. This plate is then inserted into a toaster where, upon use, will toast the selfie onto any piece of bread. Who knew technology would innovate a portrait of you on food! Unfortunately, the creator of the selfie toaster has since shut down mass production of this item, opting instead to sell out of the existing models. There isn’t as much of a market for selfie toasters as there used to be!

5. Vacuum Shoes

This tech oddity meets at the corner of cleanliness and fashion. With efficiency in mind, the Japanese auto company, Denso, created a shoe with a built-in vacuum mechanism to clean while walking. The heel has a tiny pedal attached that activates the vacuum suction each time a step is taken. While only a small amount of debris can be stored at a time in the dedicated Tic Tac container sized compartment, this shoe truly optimizes fashion and cleaning!