3D Printing Certification

In order for you to print on any of the 3D Printers available at ETS, you will have be certified by one of our consultants. This is a 60 minute group session that covers both the software and hardware aspects of 3D printing.

Successful completion of the certification will earn you your own 3D printed certification card and full access to all printers at the ETS.

Signing Up

We are currently offering  3D Printer Certifications Mondays through Fridays according to the following calendar schedule


All certifications are held in the Emerging Technology Studio, on the first floor of the Technology Hub (Formerly the Computer Center)

Before You Arrive

Before you arrive, be sure to print and sign the ETS User Agreement.  

You may also wish to look over the following document to familiarize yourself with FDM 3D Printing.

Proof of Completion

Upon completion of the 3D Printing Certification course, you will have an 'ETS Certified' Card along with access to the 3D printer price forms, which will be required for every print.

ETS Certification Card

Last Updated: 3/16/18