ETS will now be offering a variety of weekly workshops. A short descriptor of each can be found below.

3D Design:

This workshop will demonstrate all aspects of designing an object from scratch for 3D printing. We will briefly discuss the benefits and limitations of 3D printers and how these influence the design process. We’ll then cover the procedure of modelling an object in Autodesk 123D Design. A 3D printing certification is a prerequisite for this workshop.


Web Development:

The workshop will cover using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to create a personal online portfolio that the student can use and build on after the workshop.  No previous web development experience is required.


Introduction to Photoshop: 

Through the use of several examples individuals will learn basic Photoshop skills for retouching, and editing photos. Learn skills like red eye removal, how to remove objects from pictures, get rid of pimples/blemishes and even take yourself out of a picture and make a poster.  No previous Photoshop experience is required.


Introduction to Video Editing: 

This workshop will cover the basics of adobe adobe premiere Pro and expects no previous knowledge in any video editing or filiming. You will learn what's included on the software, how to navigate the timeline, and be introduced to various hotkeys that you can use in future VE projects. 


Carvey (CNC): 

Learn how to use Carvey, the newest addition the the ETS. Carvey is a 3D Carving Machine, a type of CNC machine, that uses different drill bits to cut material away from block to create the object you tell it to. No previous experience required. 

(Note: This is on a request only basis)



Last Updated: 1/25/18