Computer Equipment for University Departments

Departments interested in buying equipment should contact the ITS Help Desk and request a price quote before ordering computer equipment. Generally, state negotiated pricing for computers and printers is more attractive than other consumer sites, like Best Buy, CDW, etc.

Electronic Waste Recycling

Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented a no-fee, campus wide electronic waste (e-Waste) recycling program that is available to all Binghamton University Faculty and Staff during core business hours. ITS recycles desktops, laptops, monitors, servers, cables, keyboards, printers (without toner/ink cartridges), copiers, audio speakers, communications equipment (basically any electronic device). Any questions, contact Joe Roth, Operations. ( More... )

Student Computing Solutions

Vendors have special computer purchase programs available to Binghamton University students. Binghamton University does not endorse any of these vendors or their offers other than to provide the options to our students. Any new Windows or Macintosh system should work properly on the Binghamton campus.

Vendor Promotions

Apple Store for Education    Apple Logo

Dell University Program    Dell Logo

  • Dell's Latest Promotions - Deals can only be accessed by visiting: www.Dell.com/dellu/Binghamton and cannot be found anywhere else at Dell.  You can choose from over 50 different Dell laptops, desktops and Alienware systems.

Last Updated: 6/18/18