Faculty and Staff Technology


BU Computer Account 
All Binghamton University students, faculty and staff are given a BU Computer Account and a University email address (ex. username@binghamton.edu). Your BU Computer Account is used to access University computers and applications. 

The Human Resources Department will request computer and email accounts for most new faculty and staff during the hiring process. New faculty and staff can also request a computer and email account in person at the ITS Help Desk by presenting a valid University ID card.

To claim your account, or reset your password visit: https://password.binghamton.edu.

Information Technology Services advises people to never send any passwords via an email message for any reason. You should change your passwords often and follow safe computing guidelines when creating new passwords.

Departmental Printers
For adding University Printers to your University machine, click here.
For any printing issues or questions, contact the Help Desk.

Email (Bmail) Account
Each faculty and staff member are issued a binghamton.edu email account commonly called a Bmail account. ITS has partnered with Google to provide our users with robust email service as well as many collaborative and productivity focused applications known as Google Workspace for Education. Some of these applications include: Google Calendars, Drive, Sites and Groups. Before logging into Google Workspace for the first time, you must create a secure password. 

To claim your account, setup 2FA (info) and/or reset your password visit: https://password.binghamton.edu. Need password help?

GOOGLE 2-STEP INSTRUCTIONS | How to check if you're properly enrolledGOOGLE 2-STEP FOR TRAVELERS

Test Scoring
Gradescope is a feedback and assessment tool that dramatically reduces the pain and time associated with grading exams, homework, and other assignments. Gradescope is widely used for delivering assessments remotely... For information about Gradescope and Test Scoring.

Banner INB Account

Banner is the primary student information system at Binghamton University, offering information access for faculty, and staff. If access is needed, approved supervisors can request accounts for their staff here: Account Request. Please contact the Registrars Office if further assistance is needed at 607-777-6088.

Xtender Account

Use of xTender may be needed to view documents (such as completed and scanned forms) associated with student records. If access is needed, approved supervisors can request accounts for their staff here: Account Request. Please contact the Registrars Office if further assistance is needed at 607-777-6088. 


Computer & Device Purchasing

ITS has worked with Purchasing and Dell to streamline the process for purchasing Dell computers. Based on the University's previous purchasing history, we were able to identify common models that were frequently purchased and streamline the ordering process by bidding out the standard models and locking in pricing. The standard models meet recommended requirements for new computers and include an extended warranty.

To order a standard Dell Desktop or Laptop, please visit:  Purchasing Computers
Departments interested in buying equipment (Apple or PC) should request a price quote or contact the ITS Help Desk at x7-6420 before ordering computer equipment. ITS supports and provides warranty repair services for Dell and Apple devices purchased for the University.

Computer & Device Repair

Information Technology Services (ITS) has staff that are Dell and Apple Certified repair technicians. We are able to repair Dell and Apple University owned devices; whether or not the device is under warranty. For devices no longer under warranty, ITS can provide an estimate for the parts and complete the repair if desired. To request assistance with University owned Dell and Apple devices, please go to IT Self Service or contact the ITS Help Desk.

Departmental Printers

For adding University Printers to your University machine, click here.

Wi-Fi Printer

Looking to buy a wireless printer for your campus office? Not all wireless printers are compatible with the university‚Äôs secure, enterprise-level Wi-Fi network (eduroam). Before purchasing a Wi-Fi printer, please contact the ITS HelpDesk for a consultation. 

Faculty & Staff Software Solutions

University Owned Device

If you need software installed on your University-owned device, please visit IT Self Service and Request Software. You can also contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420 if you prefer to submit the request over the phone.

Operating Systems:

Windows Operating System
ITS provides and recommends Windows 10 Enterprise or Education for all University owned PCs. To check for updates visit: Windows Update.

Mac Operating System
ITS recommends the latest version of macOS. To check for updates visit: Mac OS Updates

ITS recommends the latest version of Ubuntu. To check for updates visit: Ubuntu Updates.

Microsoft Office Pro Plus

ITS installs Microsoft Office Pro Plus on University-owned and public lab computers. To request Microsoft Office installation on a University-owned computer, submit a request through IT Self Service.  Or contact the Help Desk.

Adobe Software Creative Cloud Suite Licensing

ITS offers Adobe software product licensing for Binghamton University faculty and staff exclusively. There are three different types of licenses that can be purchased:

If you are designing any type of media which might include imaging, video, web and print, you can purchase a license for the entire Creative Cloud Suite. 

If you need Acrobat Pro to create PDFs, and InDesign for print media, it is more advantageous to purchase the Creative Cloud suite, which will include the most recent version of Acrobat DC. However, if you only need an app to produce PDFs, you do not need to purchase the full Creative Cloud suite of applications.

Review the above three licensing links for more information. If you are still unsure of what Adobe product(s) you need, or what license structure is best for your situation, please contact the ITS Help Desk and arrange a consultation at 607-777-6420 or helpdesk@binghamton.edu.


ArcGIS is a geographic information mapping system that is licensed for academic and research use. ArcGIS is available through BingView and installation/licensing is available by contacting:  GIS Core Facility

Mathematica & Wolfram/Alpha Pro


Minitab Installation for Windows

If you need to use the full version of Minitab from a Mac computer, the Windows version of Minitab is available on the Bingview Virtual desktops - which can be run from a Mac. 

Mitel Connect Client

Mitel Connect Client allows faculty and staff to access their voicemail and phone from their computer. For assistance with the Mitel Connect installation visit IT Self Service or contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420.  


SPSS Statistics is a software package used for interactive, or batched, statistical analysis. SPSS is available through BingView for academic use. To request SPSS installation visit IT Self Service or contact the IT Help Desk at 607-777-6420.  


SAS is a statistical software package that is available on campus. Faculty use SAS for academic and research purposes. SAS must be installed on a University owned computer. SAS is available through BingView for academic use. Request a SAS installation through IT Self Service or contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420. 

Campus administrators use SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Enterprise Guide for Business Intelligence. SAS Visual Analytics does not require the SAS client to be installed.  

Ivanti Secure VPN
Binghamton University provides remote access to the campus network for current faculty, staff and students using Pulse Secure VPN.

BingView Access
Binghamton University provides access to virtual desktops using VMware Horizon through BingView. 

Personal Device

Mathematica & Wolfram/Alpha Pro

Secure VPN

Microsoft Office 365

BingView Access

Network & Cloud Storage

H Drive: Individual Network Storage: (\\bushare.binghamton.edu\username$)
Every faculty and staff member has access to 5 gigabits of individual network storage on the H drive. Learn more about how to configure your H drive or other drives, or contact the Help Desk if you have questions or need assistance.

S Drive: Department Network Storage: (\\bushare.binghamton.edu\departmentname\) 
Department shared drives are also built on 5 gigabits of storage, per user within the department.

Cloud Storage (Google Drive) 
Faculty, staff, and students have access to cloud storage through their Google Drive. Users can access Google Drive using their Bmail username and password. Files and folders in Google Drive can be shared with other users inside and outside of the University to enhance collaboration.

Student Network Storage for Classes
Faculty can request Student Network Storage for specific classes through the ITS Help Desk. Student Network Storage is beneficial if the students will be manipulating large files in class using BingView (VDI) or computer labs. Each student in the class will receive 5GB of network storage. The storage will be available through the semester and the student will be responsible for backing up their data at the end of the semester to their Google Drive.

Mapping Drives

Map network drives on Windows (H drive or S drive)

Map network drives on macOS (H drive or S drive)