Student Technology Checklist

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1. Watch the New Student Orientation VIDEO | or view the PDF to get technically oriented and find out all the necessary info you need to start the semester off right.

2. Review this helpful ITS Blog: "Your Binghamton University GO-TO for Tech FAQs and Easy Answers".

3. Review the QuickFind Links page for easy to find info.

4. Go to the main Student Technology help page for important information.

5. Stay in tune with the latest phishing scams to avoid by reviewing the ITS Phish Tank and how to avoid them.

6. USE 2FA, change your password often.  GOOGLE 2-STEP2-STEP FOR TRAVELERS | 2FA 

PASSWORD HELP: Request assistanceReset helpRequest compromised recovery help


Your latest technology checklist is below, complete with services and resources for your computing needs:

Get Tech Ready!

A blog entry with helpful info. and links, much is alreadyprovided here, but there is some added helpful info. and links you may want to review there as well.

Orientation IT intro presentation

This ITS ORIENTATION powerpoint presentation can be found here.

Stay Cyber Secure - tech tips on how you can stay cyber secure while at Binghamton University. LEARN about phishing; email job scams and more.

Need a new computer? 

First - EVERY program is unique. So please check with your major's department, as they will have proper recommendations for you (such as Apple/PC, laptop/desktop, etc.), then go from there. More than likely, you can use the computer you have right now.

Visit: ITS BLOG - NEED A NEW COMPUTER? Student Technology Help

Computer Recommendatons for SOM:

Minimum specs for a student computer are from the last 5 years - 

New computer specs

Computer Specs

If you still need help, contact your ResCon or the Help Desk.

Wireless -
Connect with Welcome2Bing>use the JOIN NOW tool>follow prompts> connect to eduroam. Use MYDEVICES to register gaming devices. All guests should choose welcome2bing.

If you think you are not connected properly, or need help, first go to: or, then ask your ResCon or contact the Help Desk.

Wired Ethernet

Students wishing to use WIRED ethernet in the Residence Halls should bring:

  • 15 to 20 foot ethernet cable category 5e or 6. (about $5 - 15)
  • 5 or 8 port gigabit mini switch. (about $18 - 30)

Bmail - Campus email (Gmail)

ONLINE RESOURCES - also SEE QUICKLINKS and for TIPS on how to find what you're looking for on the ITS website, go here.
Password Change - - Binghamton University Portal
Brightspace - the New LMS for Fall 2021
Google Drive - Data storage and convenient backup.
ITS Website - Your ITS central location for all questions/issues/tech. related info.
Phishing Awareness - Review to avoid phishing/scams so you don't get phished.
ITS Announcements - Keep updated with pertinent tech issues, information or ITS news.
ITS Blog -
We post a few blogs each month on tech info or anything related to ITS and technology, so check it regularly for helpful information to keep you up to date.
Policies and Guidelines - All ITS policies and guidelines for safe, secure and fair use while at Binghamton.

Info. Commons
 - The Bartle Library Info. Commons is the Computer Lab staffed by Librarians and student IT Consultants who can assist you with your research and computing needs.
Public Computing Labs  - University Computing Labs powered by ITS, including info on how to find a computer station, software and more. 
Student Printing - Print@Binghamton, for all your campus printing needs and how to print via your personal computer via lab, email and web. Note: Staplers are no longer provided at print stations, so you may want to have one on hand to staple your documents together.

Since access to printing in the Computer Lab areas (PODs, Information Commons', Res Life areas) may be more limited to students due to staffing, distancing and building hours, students may want to bring their own personal WIRED printer that is designed to connect DIRECTLY to their computer to print. Windows computers use a USB cable. Newer Apple computers need a USB 'C' to a standard USB adapter. Please note that WIRELESS printers are NOT supported in the Resident Halls. Students in the same campus room or suite may want to share a printer.

Bingview/VDI - The campus virtual desktop initiative

Student Technology Help page
- Has links to software available in computer labs and for university and personal devices. More student technology help is here as well.
Microsoft Office 365: PC/Mac - ITS installs Microsoft Office Pro Plus on University-owned and public lab computers. If you are a student, faculty or staff member you can download Office here. If you need help, contact the Help Desk, or search for OFFICE 365 in the Knowledge Base.
Google Apps - hosted communication and collaboration applications designed for institutions of higher education.
Anti-virus & Malware - Suggested links for anti-virus protection and more...

Student Technology Help
- The main student technology help page
Information for Student Online Success
Help Desk - The University's central contact point for questions about the use of information technology.
ITS Self Help - Review this page to see if you can find the help you need.
ITS Self Help A-Z Directory - Also linked from the Self Help page, this is an A-Z list of links that may help you with any issue you have.
ITS Self Service - Get help, search our knowledge base or request what services you need...
ResCons - Residence Hall IT Support
Information Security - Phishing Avoidance and Cyber Security Awareness

Help Desk - Your central contact point for tech related issues/questions.
Emerging Technology Studio - (ETS) is a MakerSpace for gaining/refining skills in 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Digital Design, Web Design, Video and Virtual Reality.


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