Technology Maintenance Day - Complete!

On Wednesday, September 21, ITS held its fourth Technology Maintenance Day. This is a day where ITS staff performs preventive maintenance, critical upgrades, and deploys new or upgraded tools and services to the University's technical infrastructure, systems and applications. Generally, preventive maintenance and critical upgrades are required to avoid security risks and/or potential loss of service. ITS performs regular maintenance on campus systems from 5-8 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, the extended maintenance window afforded by the maintenance days allows appropriate time to address concerns with core systems and/or technology architecture.

This particular Technology Maintenance Day was a success, as the ITS staff were able to complete work that would've taken roughly three months to complete during the weekly maintenance windows. Some of the accomplishments of the day are listed below:

  • Thirty-three servers were moved to the ESX6 environment– a newer infrastructure that is more redundant and provides better performance. Users will benefit from a faster response times and query look-ups on the newer, more reliable hardware platform. and less of a chance of the system going offline due to a hardware failure.
  • Disk firmware updates were completed on arrays – Provides increased security and fault tolerance.
  • The email SPAM appliance was upgraded – This will provide better listserv performance on newer hardware.
  • Ten servers were moved to new virtual infrastructure and arrays – This move increases the disk performance by over 70% and provides faster data retrieval, queries, and application performance.
  • Firmware on one of the core routers was upgraded for preventative maintenance.
  • Fiber optic installations were completed for the storage arrays in the Technology Hub data center. The storage arrays are now on better managed fiber that will be easier to maintain and troubleshoot over the long-term.

The next Technology Maintenance Day is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3, 2018. More information can be found on the Technology Maintenance Day policy page.


Last Updated: 10/3/17