Multi-factor Authentication

multi-factor authentication info page

Binghamton University employs two different multi-factor authentication (MFA) technologies to best ensure the security of University managed accounts. What is MFA? It’s really quite simple. MFA is an extra layer of security requiring an individual to use two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) while logging in to a system. These usually include:

  1. Something you know (Your Binghamton University username and password)
  2. Something you have (A device like a phone, computer, keyfob, etc.)

These links will help guide you through setting up the two different MFA systems we use here at Binghamton University for your added security:

1. Central Authentication System (CAS) & VPN (Pulse Secure) 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) REQUIRED
Individuals logging in to University services (such as the myBinghamton portal, BU Brain, Brightspace, OmniUpdate, etc.) through the CAS single sign on (SSO) system or through the VPN are required to use a One-Time-Password (OTP).  

2. Bmail & Google 2-Step Verification | Google 2-Step Verification for Travelers RECOMMENDED
Binghamton University uses Google 2-Step to secure Binghamton University Bmail & Google Workspace accounts.