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Banner Migration to Virtual Servers

We are in the progress of moving the TEST/DEVELOPMENT Banner to a more robust 'virtual server' environment. The project started a while ago but we have only begun moving the various "Test/Development" instances (more commonly know as PTCH, PPRD, DEV, and other names) to the new server (OTEGO-V). We have moved 4 instances thus far and are scheduled to move the remaining instances over the next 4 weeks. As we move an instance we are working hard to minimize the impact to you; however, we might ask for you to validate any processes in a particular instance to ensure continuity of data.

Once the migration of all eight instances in the TEST/DEVELOPMENT Banner server are complete, the plan is to move right on and migrate the Banner PRODUCTION server in mid-late June. This is an aggressive schedule but we are constrained by the challenges of the Academic Calendar. As a result, we appreciate all the support as this migration process continues.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach to us so we can address them before hand. Thanks!

Last Updated: 8/13/14