Technology Maintenance Day Policy

Information Technology Services (ITS), in conjunction with the academic community of Binghamton University, has identified two days each calendar year for major maintenance of technology systems called Technology Maintenance Days.

Maintenance days allow preventive maintenance, critical upgrades and the deployment of new or upgraded tools and services. Generally, preventive maintenance and critical upgrades are required to avoid security risk and/or unplanned loss of service. Already, ITS performs routine maintenance on campus systems from 5-8 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, the extended window afforded by Technology Maintenance Day allows the time needed to address concerns with core systems and/or technology architecture. Technology Maintenance Day is scheduled during a business day for several reasons:

  • Vendor support - Vendor support is critical during Technology Maintenance Day as ITS frequently works hand in hand with a vendor to ensure that upgrades and maintenance are executed according to plan. If issues arise a top level support team is available to get services restored to the University quickly.
  • User groups across campus are available to test - The testing done by campus user groups are an important part of ensuring that a system is back online and functioning properly. Once upgrades are complete, users are asked to begin testing their applications and reporting back to confirm systems are back online, or if any issues need to be addressed.
  • Follow a consistent Plan - IT staff begins to outline a plan and process for Technology Maintenance Day months in advance. Our University systems are so integrated, it is important to execute the upgrades in a particular sequence. All of the ITS staff, and many people from outside of ITS, are available during this time to support the process and everyone is focused on the Maintenance Day work.

Some systems may be upgraded during times outside of the Technology Maintenance Day process (e.g. Banner upgrades). These planned maintenance days will be negotiated via the governance processes associated with those services.

The purpose of defining a maintenance window is to allow the University community to prepare for a service disruption and to plan accordingly. Work will include the following types of tasks:

  • Required updates to hardware and software
  • Critical security patches to the campus network and hardware infrastructure
  • Upgrades to core University servers
  • Critical vendor maintenance patches
  • Major upgrades to existing applications or services (e.g. new versions of
    Blackboard Learn)
  • Fixes to address concerns of the user community

Work performed on maintenance days has the potential to disrupt multiple technology services used by the University community. See the communication procedure associated with maintenance days to understand how you can learn what systems and services will be unavailable during any specific maintenance day.

Lastly, note that Technology Maintenance Days are planned maintenance activities, but there may be times when emergency maintenance is required. ITS will make every effort to address emergency maintenance requirements with the business and academic needs of the University community.

The following dates have been identified as Technology Maintenance Days through Spring 2019:

  • 2017 – Sept. 21 complete! - Learn what was accomplished here.
  • 2018 – April 3 and Sept. 10
  • 2019 – March 19

ITS is in the process of identifying dates through 2020 and will update this page once those dates are confirmed.


Last Updated: 2/23/18