Web Services

Policies and Guidelines

Faculty, staff, students, and other authorized users using Binghamton University resources for web pages should read and be familiar with the following policies:

The very nature of web servers makes sensitive information vulnerable to exploitation; however, there are steps you can take to limit its exposure.

Creating Web Pages


To request a new website or significant redesign/reorganization of an existing site:

Submit a project request to Communications and Marketing to get started. But before you do, it is encouraged to review the information on the Request a Project webpage. You may also find it informative to review the University’s World Wide Web policy or learn about the philosophy guiding the University’s website.

For other groups and organizations on campus as well as faculty and staff who have a need (project, research, conference, etc...), ITS will provide space on one of our other web servers.  All organizations must be affiliated with Binghamton University. The head of the organization should contact John Hagan (7-6118) about establishing an account for this purpose. Requests are usually processed in 2-3 working days. ITS will create an account for approved requests on a Unix web server. See the document Web Pages for Campus Groups and Organizations for more information.

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Faculty who want a web site for their classes can either use Blackboard or get an account on the Bingsuns system. All members of the Binghamton University community can use their Bingsuns account to create personal web pages. See the document Instructional and Personal Web Pages for more information.

Student Groups

Student Association (SA) chartered groups can contact the SA for information on web space. Groups chartered by the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) should contact the GSO.

Student groups that are not chartered by either organization may be able to get a web account on Bingsuns for legitimate University business and for scholarly activity by obtaining sponsorship from a campus employee or department

PHP, Perl, and Python

PHP, Perl, and Python are popular scripting languages which are particulary suitable to web development. Binghamton University supports these scripting languages on the primary campus web servers, Bingwww and Bingdev, as well as on the personal and instructional Linux web server, Harvey. See the document Using PHP, Perl, and Python.


MySQL is a fast, powerful, and easy to use database which provides an excellent backend for PHP, Perl and Python scripts. MySQL accounts are available to university affiliated departments, offices, and organizations as well as faculty and staff by request. See the document Using MySQL for more information.

Restricting Access to Web Pages

Faculty, and staff can restrict access to their web pages on Bingweb and Bingdev either by host, username/password, or by a combination of both.


Recognizing some common errors that occur when publishing or viewing web pages could save you a lot of time and headaches later on.


Departments and offices at Binghamton University that desire a web presence or need their current web site redesigned should contact the web development group in the Office of Creative Services ( 607-777-3005).

Faculty and staff needing assistance with their course and/or personal web pages can contact CLT. 

Last Updated: 10/25/16