Student Printing System

Laser Printing in Public Computing Areas
Students can print to laser printers from computers in ITS maintained public computing areas (Pods) using the Student laser printing system.  Students may configure their personal computers to print to the Student Printing system.  Printing from phones and tablets is not supported at this time.

Every registered student will receive a semester quota of $43.50. Unused quota remains available until the end of the semester. Whenever the account is out of quota, BUC$ may be used to pay for additional printing. This permits 1740 duplex pages, or 870 simplex pages. To receive a quota students must be registered for the current semester, have no holds as listed in BUBrain and have a current University ID card.
Printing prices are:

  • Simplex (One-sided ) - $0.05 per page
  • Duplex (Two-sided) - $0.025 per side
  • Color (Simplex only) - $0.40 per page

Student Print Quota can be used for both black and white laser printing and color printing. Color printers print simplex only.

BUC$ card can be used to pay for color laser printing and for black and white laser printing when the quota is exhausted.
Your balance is not changed unless you actually print a document.

Printing to a Student Printer

All ITS public computers in the Information Commons and Computer PODS are configured to print to the Student Printers. You can configure your personal computer to print to the Student Printers. Learn more here.

Printing from a PC or Macintosh in Pod Areas:

  • Open the document you want to print.
  • Under the File menu, select Print. The print window will open.
  • Position the cursor over the printer name list and then left-click and hold your mouse button. A list of printers will appear. Select the desired printer.
  • Click on the Print (or OK) button. Your printout will be sent to the queue of the printer you specified. It will not be printed until you go to the printer and release the job to the printer itself. If you do not release a print job within two (2) hours of sending it to the print queue, the print job will be purged from the queue. Your quota is not changed until you actually print the job.
  • Go to any release station and follow the directions in the last section: Releasing a Print Job.

Releasing a Print Job

  • At the Welcome screen, press. A logon screen will appear.
  • At the logon screen, enter your userID and POD password and click the Log on button.
  • The Releasing Print Jobs page will appear showing any print jobs that you've sent to that print station. Select a job by clicking on it.
  • Click the Print button to print the job. Your page balance (in dollars) is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • If there is inactivity for more than 20 seconds, Student Printing will automatically log you off. If this happens, you will need to log on again to finish printing your jobs.

Adding Additional Printing Allocations

Students can pay for additional printing (once their quota is depleted) using their BUC$ account. The payment option will charge the cost of the print job, less any remaining quota (i.e. if the print job costs $2.00 and you have a remaining quota of $0.50, $1.50 will be deducted from your BUC$ account.) The balance window at the bottom of the Releasing Print Jobs window will display the balance:

Semester Quota

 Semester Quota  Remaining Semester Balance
 BUC$ Balance  amount of BUC$ printing
 Balance Total  total of the 'Funds' listed above


Money may be added to your BUC$ card in one of three ways:

  • At the Meal Plan Office in the University Union
  • Through the Blackboard CMC machine (in the Bartle Library lobby)
  • Using the Online Card Office campus card center

Laser Printer Locations and Queues

The tables below show the locations and queue names of the printers. (Many locations have more than one printer.)

Student Printing server queues and printers


 Print Queue  Printer Locations
 XeroxSimplex     All Student Simplex printers
 Bartle IC, Science IC, Science2 134/135, Academic A G06/G14, West  POD, LNG 102/103, CIW, C4, Hillside, Hinman, Mountainview,  Susquehanna, UDC, EOP (UU262), ITC, CDC
 XeroxDuplex  All Student Duplex printers
 Bartle IC, Science IC, Science2 134/135, Academic A G06/G14, West POD, LNG 102/103, CIW, C4, Hillside, Hinman, Mountainview, Susquehanna, UDC, EOP (UU262), ITC, CDC
 XColorX  AcadA G06, Bartle IC, Science IC, UDC IC

Last Updated: 3/26/18