Tips to Speed up PowerPoint Printing

Often PowerPoint presentations can contain many slides with complex backgrounds and graphics and these may take considerable time to print. Here are some tips to speed printing times.

  • Select the Student Printing queue/printer
  • Select a range of slides to print  (For large presentations print in smaller groups of 15-20 slides)
  • Choose type of printout -- handout, slides, notes, outline  (Print multiple slides per page as handouts and indicate how many per page)
  • Reduce the quality from color to either Grayscale or Pure Black and White (Choosing Black and White will make printing clear for gray font documents)
  • Optional - Scale to fit paper and/or frame handouts
  • Preview printout to be sure this is correct
  • Click the OK button


PowerPoint Printing Tips

Please Note Every PowerPoint presentation is different depending on the content.

  • Large graphics or photos may loose detail in reduced quality
  • Reduced size slides as in handout versions may be difficult to read
  • Results will vary for different presentations

Last Updated: 3/26/18