Off Campus Internet Services

Binghamton University Telecommunications and Spectrum are pleased to offer Internet and Digital Phone service to off campus students, faculty, and staff living in the Spectrum Cable Binghamton coverage area.

Billing for Off Campus Internet and Digital Phone will be sent to you by the Telecommunications Department via email notification for no additional cost. Please be aware that your cable TV bill will still come to you from Spectrum.

Payment must be paid to the Telecommunications Department. You cannot pay your Telecommunications bill at Spectrum.


Signing Up

(Offer temporarily unavailable to new customers until further notice.)

To sign up for service you must come in person to the Binghamton University Telecommunications Office with your Binghamton University ID.



Standard Service:

BU Off Campus Standard Internet (up to 15Mbps) $34.95/month
BU Off Campus Internet & Digital Phone $64.95/month (plus applicable taxes and fees)


Additional Costs:

Additional IP Address $10.00 each IP/month
Wireless $4.99/month
Turbo (up to 20Mbps) $10.00/month
Digital Phone Voice Mail $3.95/month
Digital Phone Unpublished Number $3.50/month
Digital Phone International OnePrice $5.00/month



Self Installation FREE* (kits available in our office) - *Only available if approved by Spectrum-BU representative.
Internet Only $29.95 - The primary subscriber must be present during installation
Digital Phone Only $29.95 + $19.99 Activation Fee - You must already be a Spectrum Cable subscriber.
Internet & Digital Phone $29.95 + $19.99 Activation Fee

 *All prices and fees subject to change



If you experience technical problems please call Spectrum tech support 1-844-725-4339.

If you have problems with Digital Phone once it is installed, you can call 611 or tech support line 1-844-725-4339.


Discontinuing Service

To discontinue service, the internet modem and power cord must be returned to the BU Telecommunications Office. Failure to return the modem will result in a $150 charge to your account.


Moving Service

If you would like to move your internet service to a new address, please email the Telecommunications Office at at least one week in advance.  Please include your name, account#/B#, old address, new address (include apt/floor), date to move service and telephone number. 


Additional Information

We charge a $15.00 (monthly) late fee to those accounts not paid by the close of business on 27th of each month. Any account that has been disconnected for non-payment will be assessed an additional charge to cover the cost of the modem. The modem fee can be refunded, less any late charges, once the account is paid in full or when the modem is returned to our office. Monthly late fees will continue to accrue until the account is brought current. Additional fees may also apply. There will be a $25.00 charge to reconnect service.

Please call the Telecommunications Office at 777-2524 for more details.

Last Updated: 12/2/17