Minor in Israel Studies

Binghamton is one of the only Universities with three tenure-track Israel Studies faculty teaching undergraduates. Our unique program focuses on experiential learning, and includes a Winter-term field course in Israel.

The Israel Studies minor serves students with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. The minor complements majors in Anthropology, Arabic, Art History, Comparative Literature, Geography, History, Judaic Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. Students who are pre-law or pre-health, but interested in the humanities and social sciences will find a home in Israel Studies.

We offer and are developing a wide range of courses, including the history of modern Israel (including the Ottoman and Mandate periods), hiking in the holy land, Zionist movements and thinkers and their critics, Israeli politics and society, comparative Middle Eastern politics, modern Hebrew language and Israeli literatures, cinema, and folklore.

The minor in Israel Studies will provide students with the knowledge and multidisciplinary skills to examine Israeli history, politics, and culture.

The Program of Study for the Minor in Israel Studies consists of:

  • 2 courses above the 102 level in either Hebrew or Arabic language or literature
  • A course on the History of Modern Israel
  • A course on The Cultures of Modern Israel
  • 2 additional courses in Israel Studies


  1. Minors at Binghamton University require six 4-credit courses (24 credits).
  2. Half of the courses for the minor must at the 300 or 400 level.
  3. A minimum of four courses (16 credits) must be independent of any other major or minor. So, only two courses can overlap with a major or a different minor.
  4. At least 3 courses used for the minor must be taken at Binghamton University.