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Office Hours and Advising

Chair, Professor Randy Friedman

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Jon Karp




Allan Arkush

LT 1306

By appointment

Beth Burch

LT 1308

Monday and Wednesdays:
 3-4 pm or by appointment

Dina Danon

LT 1316

By appointment

Randy Friedman

LT 1312

Wednesdays: 9am - noon or by appointment

Gina Glasman

LT 1303

Fridays: 1-2 pm or by appointment

Douglas Jones

LT 1314

Monday and Wednesdays:
 3:30 - 5 pm or by appointment

Jonathan Karp

LT 1309

Wednesdays: 1-2 pm or by appointment

Shay Rabineau

LT 1317

Tuesdays: 3-5 pm
 Thursdays: 3-5 p or by appointment

Orly Shoer

LT 1302

Monday: noon to 1pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays:
11:35 am to 12:30 pm or by appointment

Lior Libman

LT 1315

By appointment

Last Updated: 12/13/17