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Dina Danon

Assistant Professor, Department of Judaic Studies

Office: LT 1316
Phone: 607-777-6156 ex #3

Professor Danon's primary research interests are the Sephardi communities of the eastern Mediterranean. Her doctoral dissertation, "The Transformation of the Jewish Community of Izmir, 1847-1918" draws on a large body of previously unexplored Ladino archival material and was a recipient of the Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship from the Foundation for Jewish Culture in 2011. Danon's teaching interests span the full range of Jewish history, with a particular focus on the Sephardi and Mizrahi communities of the Mediterranean world. Her publications include "Abraham Danon, la vie d'un maskil ottoman, 1857-1925," in Itinéraires Sépharades, ed. Esther Benbassa, (Paris: Presses de l'Université Paris-Sorbonne, 2010), a translation of the 1847 Ladino "Shaavat Aniim" in The Sephardic Studies Reader (forthcoming, Stanford University Press), and several entries in the Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World (forthcoming, Brill).

Educational Background
  • Ph.D. Stanford University
  • B.A.  University of Pennsylvania
Fellowships and Awards
  • Fellowship - University of Pennsylvania
  • Faculty Fellowship - The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), Binghamton University, Fall 2016
    "Social Stratification in the Eastern Sepharadi Diaspora: The Case of Ottoman Izmir"
Courses Regularly Taught
  • Sephardi and Mizrahi communities of the Mediterranean world
  • Sephardi Jewry
  • Modern Jewish History
Current Research Interests
  • Sephardi and Mizrahi Jewry communities of the eastern Mediterranean
  • Modern Jewish History
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