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Ian Shick

Late Nite Graduate Advisor and Marketing Director

Ian is in their second semester of the dual Masters of Public Administration and Student Affairs Administration program. They are the graduate assistant in charge of marketing and promotions.

Ian can be found reading Queer Feminist Theory and is focused on making higher education safer and more accessible for all marginalized students. In their free time, Ian plays Magic: The Gathering and watches international soccer. They are a true punk at heart, but they love a good saturated pop 80s jam session. This is their second semester at Late Nite Bing and they are looking forward to creating unique and creative posters for Late Nite.


Michelle Kinney

Michelle Kinney

Late Nite Graduate Advisor and Collaborations Director

Michelle is in her final semester of the Student Affairs Administration graduate program. After graduation, she hopes to continue her career in student activities.

Michelle is the graduate assistant for collaborations and co-sponsorships. She is constantly on the lookout for student organizations or other campus departments to collaborate on events with. In her free time, Michelle enjoys reading, swimming, playing trivia, and going to PetSmart to pet cats. She is very passionate about Michigan State Football, the Detroit Tigers, New England Patriots, and the Olympics.


Zac Photo

Zac Lomas

Late Nite Graduate Advisor and Personnel Director

Zac is a proud native of Buffalo, NY, where he can be found eating pizza and wings on a nearly daily basis. He is a first year student in Binghamton's Student Affairs Administration program and is passionate about student development, especially in relationship to leadership skills.

In his free time, Zac loves to play the trading card game Magic: The Gathering, as well as ice hockey. He loves listening to punk rock and hopes to embody its "Do It Yourself" mentality when it comes to social change and event planning. This is Zac's first semester with Late Nite and he is eager to connect with more of Binghamton's student population while providing them with quality and engaging programming.

Last Updated: 2/15/18