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Celebrate a special occasion. Honor a friend, family member or favorite professor. Acknowledge an accomplishment. A Binghamton University Libraries Honor with Books donation is the perfect way to provide a lasting tribute to special people in your life.

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Your participation in our Honor with Books program enables the Binghamton University Libraries to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on an institution of excellence in higher education.

ShakespeareBinghamton University Libraries offer two ways to Honor with Books: Pick a newly published book in the subject area of your choosing that will be purchased and added to our collections or select an old favorite from over two million titles in the Libraries’ catalog. New books are increasingly expensive so your selection will keep our Libraries abreast of the latest research. Funds to plate existing volumes will be pooled to support the acquisition of databases and other extremely expensive items.

A bookplate bearing the name of the person being honored will be placed in your book, and if you wish, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the honoree. Also, a virtual bookplate will be placed in the libraries’ catalog searchable anywhere in the world.

Each time someone opens your chosen book, your special person will be acknowledged.

Help the University Libraries strengthen their collection while honoring a loved one, friend, special teacher or colleague in perpetuity. Make a gift to the Honor with Books program.

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Last Updated: 11/16/17