The Molly Peacock Secret Poetry Room

Tucked away in the stacks of the Glenn G. Bartle Library at Binghamton University, The Molly Peacock Secret Poetry Room will be a secluded space that provides Binghamton’s future poets and writers with a tiny room, a comfy chair, a small desk and a bookshelf—a secret place to write and think.

The Molly Peacock Secret Poetry Room recreates a hidden room that Molly Peacock, ’69 discovered in the heart of Bartle Library as a student in the 1960s. That room no longer exists but remains a vivid memory. It was a refuge room, “a place that was individual and imaginative --not cookie cutter,” said Peacock who is a poet, author, playwright and patron of Binghamton Libraries. The memory inspired the idea of a hideaway for writers and poets at Binghamton.

Gifts to the Molly Peacock Poetry Room Fund will enable Binghamton Libraries to construct a physical space and create virtual spaces where students can come to focus their minds and engage in writing. Help Binghamton Libraries empower a generation of future writers and poets at Binghamton! Make a gift to support the Molly Peacock Secret Poetry Room.