Technical Services Department

The work of the Technical Services Units is vital to meeting the needs of an evolving and competitive research and teaching institution, where curricular and research activities are dependent upon access to new scholarly publishing.

Technical Services' mission of supporting the needs of the Libraries' users, both within the University's campus community and remotely, is accomplished through its Acquisitions, Cataloging and Book Preparation and Binding Units.

The overarching functions of all the departments within Technical Services are the acquiring of materials in various formats, whether ordered or through gift donations, print or electronic and the cataloging and processing of those materials with the goal of making them easily accessible to our users. This involves ordering, payment of invoices, and cataloging print and electronic books, serials, government documents, music, maps, manuscripts, audio/video and other material from sources all over the world in many languages including many in the Roman alphabet and in vernacular Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Each item acquired is represented by a cataloging record in the Libraries' catalog which provides a description of the work and the ability for the item to be retrieved by author, title, series, keyword or subject search.

Additionally Technical Services is responsible for tracking the materials' budget expenditures, physically processing materials, reviewing established and ongoing orders, renewing subscriptions, troubleshooting vendor related complications, correcting problems in the database, and the ongoing maintenance of our electronic resources including, but not limited to, journals and databases.

Technical Services consists of many highly trained and knowledgeable faculty, professional and clerical staff working together in an energetic and efficient team structure.

Last Updated: 3/29/19