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What is Get It!?

Get It! is a convenient tool that connects you to content from the hundreds of databases that the Libraries provides access to. Get It! also connects to library catalog records for books and other materials. To access Get It!, click the button or "Get It!" link that sometimes appears in library search results.

Why don't I see the Get It! button or link?

There are three possible reasons:
  1. You may need to click on the article title to view the full record, since the full text is already available in the database you are using.

  2. You have JavaScript turned off in your browser.

  3. You are using a database that doesn't use Get It! Consult Finding Articles to learn how to determine if the journal article is available online or in paper format elsewhere in the Libraries.

If you continue to experience issues, let us know by completing the Technical Help Form.

I clicked Get It!, but the menu didn't appear. What's wrong?

You may be using a pop-up blocker program on your computer, or your browser might have a pop-up blocker turned on. You will need to turn off or disable the program or blocking option to use Get It! If you continue to experience issues, let us know by completing the Technical Help Form.

The menu is not showing full text availability. How can I get the article?

If the journal is not available in print at the Libraries, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. This request option will often be listed on the Get It! menu.

What do the different options listed under "View online" mean?

Sometimes there are multiple rows of "Article" and "Journal" links. This just means that there is overlap between different databases. You can select any of the links to access the content.

Why didn't I find the full text of the article, even though an option to see the full text appeared?

Sometimes the information given by the journal providers is incorrect, or the article might have been pulled by the publisher. Let us know about this error by completing the Technical Help Form.

Why don't I see the same menu in Get It! for every journal article?

Whenever possible, we have tried to set up Get It! to show only the services that are available. For instance, if the article is available electronically, the option to request it through Interlibrary Loan will not appear.

How do I get more help?

Last Updated: 7/5/19