Digital Scholarship 

The Libraries' Digital Scholarship Services create a community of practice for research and creative activities in the digital realm on campus. Our goal is to educate and support faculty and students by offering expertise, access to technology and a network of practitioners. The Libraries educate and inform the campus on digital scholarship through our services and workshops, in order to bring together scholars whose work is on the frontier of digital scholarship. If you are new to digital scholarship, are curious about what types of digital scholarship projects are happening at Binghamton or would like to connect with others on campus who are engaged in digital scholarship, contact Amy Gay, the Libraries' Digital Scholarship Librarian.

Looking for help in a specific area?

The Libraries offer a variety of services and resources to support digital scholarship:

Need help curating, preserving and sharing your scholarship and teaching materials with peers, students and others? Our institutional repository (The ORB) and digital preservation system (Rosetta) support the long-term preservation and accessibility of digital materials. See our Open Repository and Digital Preservation Services webpage to learn more.

Need help planning and implementing your digital scholarship project or learning about digital tools to help get new insights into your research? Schedule a private consultation with our Digital Scholarship Librarian.

Need help organizing or visualizing your research data? Our data visualization guide provides recommendations for data visualization software as well as helpful books and resources.

Need help understanding open access policies or copyright or need assistance creating a data management plan? The Libraries' Scholarly Communications and Publishing department provides guidance in these areas.

Need help creating, supporting or promoting OERs (Open Educational Resources)? The Libraries' OER guide provides information on creating and locating material to use in your courses.

Contact Amy Gay for further discussions about the Libraries' Digital Scholarship Services.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Digital Scholarship: Opportunities and Challenges Conference, October 11, 2019
The University at Albany, University Libraries and Binghamton University Libraries are pleased to sponsor a conference on digital scholarship.

This one day conference brings together scholars interested in exploring all aspects of digital scholarship. We will showcase new and important digital research projects, explore the potential of new and emerging trends in digital scholarship and investigate the technology, infrastructure, and support needed for effective scholarship

For more information and to register, visit: https://future.library.albany. edu/dsconf

Last Updated: 8/27/19