Digital Humanities Research Institute at Binghamton University

Hosted by the Binghamton University Libraries
Organized by Amy Gay (Binghamton University Libraries) and Nancy Um (Department of Art History)
May 28-31, 2019

DHRILogo2Scholars in the humanities have embraced new technologies and integrated innovative computational methods with their long-standing approaches to the study of literature, art, culture and society. Broadly defined, the digital humanities have opened up a new set of analytical pathways across the fields of history, art history, literature, philosophy and other areas. Yet, most humanities scholars have not been trained in these new methods and are ill-equipped to introduce them in the classroom. Graduate students look toward an evolving job market, both academic and non-academic, which calls for new skillsets and capabilities. In order to build proficiencies in the digital humanities and to promote the effective integration of technology into humanities research and pedagogy at Binghamton University, the Libraries will host the Digital Humanities Research Institute on campus in May 2019.

This 4-day intensive bootcamp will be open, by application, to 12 university faculty members and advanced graduate students who are interested in or curious about the digital humanities, but have little or no prior experience with DH methodologies and approaches. The institute will include seminar-type sessions oriented around critical discussion and hands-on workshops that will introduce the software and tools that are critical to digital humanities practices. Sessions will treat topics such as data visualization, text analysis, digital mapping and new platforms for the digital presentation of research. The goal is to foster a dynamic, robust and generative community of digital humanities researchers and teachers at Binghamton University.

The institute is organized by Amy Gay, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Binghamton University Libraries, and Nancy Um, Professor and Chair of Art History. Both organizers were trained to design and lead the DHRI at an intensive 10-day workshop held at the CUNY Graduate Center and funded by the NEH in June 2018. Sessions will be taught by the organizers in addition to other invited speakers. The workshop will be held in the Zurack Family Collaboration Center in the Bartle Library.

Learn more about our first Binghamton DHRI!

More information about the first Binghamton DHRI, along with its schedule, curriculum, instructors, and participants can be found here.

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  • Binghamton University Libraries (host organization
  • Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT)
  • Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH)
  • The Graduate School
  • Harpur College of Art & Sciences
  • Office of Undergraduate Education

Advisory Board

  • Kevin Boettcher, Research Development Specialist, Harpur College
  • John Cheng, Associate Professor, Asian and Asian American Studies
  • Jeannette Patterson, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Bradley Skopyk, Assistant Professor, History
  • Bridget Whearty, Assistant Professor, English


Questions may be directed to:
Amy Gay
Nancy Um


Last Updated: 5/20/19