The Open Repository @Binghamton (ORB)

The Open Repository @Binghamton (ORB) is an institutional repository of articles, data and other scholarly and creative works that captures (collects) the university's intellectual output generated on campus. The ORB also allows for the creation of author profiles (Expert Gallery) and hosted open access journals.

Who contributes to the ORB and what are they sharing?

Who searches the ORB?

  • The ORB reaches a wide range audience--locally, nationally and internationally. This audience includes students, faculty, researchers at various types of institutions (including academia and government) and members of the public with a general interest in the work produced at Binghamton University. Content is indexed by Google so it is easy to find by anyone.

Why search through the repository?

  • Access Binghamton-related works without subscription barriers
  • Discover content that can be listed within your course readings or influence your research

Why contribute to the repository?

  • Provide global visibility to works (through major search engines such as Google)
  • Save and share author dashboard statistics with your department, department chair and administrators
  • Satisfy funding mandates for grant-funded research
  • Satisfy open access requirements for funders or organizations
  • Manage your online scholarly presence
  • The ORB is managed by the libraries, which are committed to long-term access and preservation
  • By depositing your scholarly works into the ORB, they will have persistent URLs that will never change, cutting down on dead links

To learn more, visit the ORB at, or contact the site administrator:

If you want to learn more about the ORB or our digital preservation services offered to Binghamton University affiliates, visit our FAQ page.  

Last Updated: 10/11/18