Research Data Management Support

About Data Management Plans 

There are many funding agencies that require data management plans, including the NSF and NIH. You will need to describe the amount of data, data types, metadata created, how you plan to share and preserve data when you create your DMP.

Some considerations when creating your data management plan:

  • can you identify sites to share your data?
  • what is the best way to manage your data long-term post-proposal?
  • are there reasons data cannot be publicly shared (i.e., due to confidentiality of research subjects)?
  • will journal publications require links to your research data?
  • can the grant program fund data post-project?

Creating Data Management Plans

  1. Both NSF and NIH have sources that address DMPs:
    1. NSF Requirements, instructions and advice for PIs for Directorates, Offices, Divisions and Programs. 
    2. NSF Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results Policy
    3. NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance
  2. The best source of sample DMPs is the DMPToolkit. It also contains templates for many funding agencies. We can help you in the Libraries with using this tool.
  3.  ITS has a summary of  Research Support services including data storage options and language for creating data management plans.
  4. The Strategic Research Initiatives in the Research Foundation has also prepared briefs for NSF Data Management Plans and NIH Data Sharing Plans. (Access requires PODs username and password.)

Data Repositories 

Looking for data repositories to store your data? Two tools can help you:

Popular data repositories to deposit research data are: