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Open Repositories and Digital Preservation Services FAQ

What is the difference between Rosetta and the ORB?

Rosetta is a digital preservation system designed to ensure data integrity and access over time. Items added to Rosetta are intended to be preserved indefinitely.

The ORB is a platform where faculty, students, and scholars from the Binghamton University community can share and discover scholarly and creative works.  Uploads into the ORB are intended to be open access. 

Why would one system be more appropriate than the other for certain content?

Rosetta is intended to ensure the long-term preservation of digitized and born-digital content. Content ingested into Rosetta is searchable and accessible through the Libraries’ discovery layer, FindIt!. The ingestion of content into Rosetta is mediated by the Libraries.

The ORB showcases scholarly and creative works of individuals affiliated with Binghamton University. Works deposited into the ORB are openly accessible and discoverable to a global audience via the Libraries' catalog Find It! and search engines such as Google. The ORB tracks usage statistics of each work, including downloads and number of visits to the works.

What type of files do Rosetta and the ORB support?

Both systems support a variety of file types, including text files (.pdf); audio files (.mp3), images (.png), presentations (.ppt) and others.

If you have questions regarding supported file types, contact

What type of content is currently being added to Rosetta and the ORB?

Who is able to submit content to Rosetta and the ORB?

What are the next steps for someone interested in submitting content to the ORB or Rosetta or who would like advice on which system is more appropriate?

When ready to upload a work to the ORB, one can either self-deposit via the website or email the Digital Scholarship Librarian ( If self-depositing, all work must be deposited into the appropriate digital collection. If there is no appropriate existing collection, contact the Digital Scholarship Librarian. If you are interested in submitting your content to Rosetta, or are unsure of where to submit, contact the Digital Scholarship Librarian.

Last Updated: 10/11/18