Open Repository and Digital Preservation Services

The Libraries recognize that preserving digital content is an important component of our collecting and preservation responsibilities. The focus of digital preservation and repository services at Binghamton University Libraries are the unique or rare content from collections owned by the Library or the University at large, as well as open access scholarly content created by Binghamton University scholars. The Libraries' digital collection policy describes in more detail the scope of what the Libraries preserve and aspire to preserve with regard to born-digital or digitized material.

Our systems

The Libraries support the long-term preservation and accessibility of digital material, whether born-digital or digitized, by utilizing two distinct systems: Rosetta and the ORB.

Rosetta is a digital asset management and preservation solution. The Rosetta system can store and preserve items in a dark archive, restricted access, or as publicly accessible documents. Items can be searched in Find It! discovery system (just limit to "Local Digital Collections" if you only want to see digital materials).

The ORB is an institutional repository of articles, data and other scholarly works generated on campus. Items deposited in the ORB are discoverable via search engines such as Google. To learn more about Rosetta and the ORB see the Digital Preservation and Repository Services FAQ

How to submit digital content

The department of Digital Initiatives and Resource Discovery oversees the selection, creation, delivery, and preservation of digital collections.  The ORB supports both self-deposit and mediated deposit via the digital scholarship librarian. All self-deposited work will be assessed for Binghamton University affiliation and copyright compliance before it is posted. Any questions about depositing content into the ORB can be addressed to:

Last Updated: 2/23/18