Open Repository (ORB) and Digital Preservation Services

The Libraries support open scholarship and digital preservation, whether born digital or digitized, by utilizing two distinct systems: Rosetta and the ORB.

The focus of the open repository and digital preservation services are the unique collections owned by the Libraries and University as well as the open access scholarly content created by Binghamton University scholars. The goals of the open repository and digital preservation services include:

  • Capture, promote and showcase Binghamton University's research and scholarly output
  • Increase Binghamton University's visibility, status and pubic value by making local collections and scholarship more accessible globally
  • Support long-term preservation of and access to local collections and scholarship

The Libraries' digital collection policy describes the scope of what the Libraries collect and aspire to collect with regard to born-digital or digitized material.

To learn more about the ORB and Rosetta, see the Open Repositories and Digital Preservation FAQ. For additional questions about the ORB or Rosetta contact


Last Updated: 6/24/19