What is metadata?

Metadata are the elements used to describe resources for the purposes of discovery, rights management and preservation. Metadata assist users in identifying, authenticating and contextualizing data, and are also used to describe the structural relationships within and between resources, as well as the technical requirements for accessing, viewing or using a digital object.

What is Dublin Core?

Dublin Core is a standard set of metadata elements used to describe born digital and digitized objects. While each element had been determined and defined by metadata experts, the standard also allows for flexibility and can accommodate most needs. Binghamton University Libraries uses over 50 Dublin Core elements and qualifiers.

What are metadata best practices?

Best practices are guidelines that tell us how to create or assign Dublin Core metadata in a uniform and repeatable way. Binghamton University Libraries' metadata best practices provide for a common understanding of how the information within each metadata element is to be entered and formatted in order to 1) enable users to successfully search, identify and locate digital resources; and 2) ensure the quality and consistency of metadata across our collections.

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Last Updated: 6/16/16