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Stony Brook University

Contact: Angel Gonzalez

 Below is a comprehensive list (with links) to all of the institutions hosting the program for Fall 2015:

Even if a deadline has passed, it is recommended contacting the people listed on the respective websites. The university may still be accepting applications. Apply ASAP, time is running out!


NSF Bridge to the Doctorate List (2014-16)

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Contact: Dr. Louis Dale

Arizona State University
Contact: Dr. Tony Garcia

Delaware State University
Contact: Dr. James Herbert

University of South Florida
Contact: Dr. Ralph Turner

Jackson State University
Contact: Dr. Carolyn Meyers

California State University-Los Angeles
Contact: Dr. Lisa Hammersley

University of Puerto Rico
Contact: Dr. Uroyoan Walker

University of California-Los Angeles
Contact: Dr. Howard Gilman

University of Connecticut
Contact: Dr. John Cunningham

Texas A&M University
Contact: Dr. Karan Watson

University of Maryland-College Park
Contact: Dr. Freeman Hrabowski

University of Texas-Arlington
Contact: Dr. Ben Flores


Map of 2014-16 Bridge to the Doctorate Awards


Last Updated: 1/22/16