Research Symposium (Saturday, Sept. 12th, 2020)

2020 Research Symposium & Graduate School Application Retreat

The 2020 Research Symposium & Graduate School Application Retreat is co-sponsored by Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science and Cornell University.


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Deadline for Poster Presentation Registration will soon be posted!

Abstracts are to be submitted with your registration. Please see abstract sample format below. 

Poster Abstracts:

Students can submit poster abstracts during registration. Abstracts should be 100 words or fewer (please follow the sample below).

Posters should be no larger than 36" H x 48" W.
Deadline for Poster Presentation Registration - Please revisit for updated information.

Sample Abstract:

Presenter: Christina Colon

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew D Johnson

Child Witnesses of Parent Intimate Partner Violence: Associations with Child Depression, Anxiety and Social Withdrawal.

Most studies compare the well being of children who witness intimate partner violence (IPV) to children whose parents did not engage in IPV. We will examine data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing study (N = 4,898), a longitudinal study of families at high risk for poverty and relationship dissolution, to determine whether the children of parents reporting higher levels of IPV over nine years would have higher levels of anxiety, depression and social withdrawal. Then, we will examine whether children who witnessed the inter-parental IPV had exacerbated psychopathology compared to children who do not witness the IPV.


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