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Memorial Courtyard Donor Recognition Display

As of June 2010, more than 600 donors have made gifts to the University to build, maintain and make improvements to the courtyard. Their gifts are a testament to those whom they have chosen to honor. Donors who have made a gift of $500 or more are recognized below and appear on a donor recognition display at the entrance to the garden.

Gifts of $10,000 and above

Binghamton University Class of 2005 and their families in memory of Keith R. Nintzel ’05

Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999

Binghamton University Alumni Association
Binghamton University Class of 2004 and their families
Binghamton University Foundation
Family and Friends of Charles Dickson in memory of Charles Dickson

Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999

Christine K. Becker ’75 and Arthur D. Becker in memory of Arthur L. Becker
   and Emma M. Becker
Marcia R. Craner ’94, Dr. Albert Wolkoff ’61 and Alexandra C. Wolkoff
Barbara J. Gilliand and Eugene A. Gilliand
Christine L. Howe and Lloyd M. Howe
Susan M. Reifer ’65 and Stanley J. Reifer ’64
Michael L. Unger ’89


photo of tulips


Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499

Michelle Adams ’94
alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority in memory of Lu Shan Ouyang
Bartle-Hall Families in memory of Robert G. Bartle
Binghamton Ice Hockey and friends of Brian Guy Gaon in memory of Brian Guy Gaon ’85
Binghamton University Class of 2002 and their families
Binghamton University Class of 2003 and their families
Binghamton University Class of 2006 and their families in memory of Jonathan Ozimek ’06
Binghamton University Foundation in memory of Aldo S. Bernardo
Binghamton University Foundation in memory of Esther Watrous Couper
Binghamton University Foundation in memory of Margaret W. Doty
Binghamton University Foundation in memory of Mary Jane H. Doty
Binghamton University Foundation in memory of Anne G. Spring
Binghamton University Foundation in memory of Anita S. Strong
Binghamton University Foundation in memory of Alice A. Wales
Paul E. Campbell ’73 and Diane S. Campbell in memory of James D. Grierson
John C. Copoulos ’73
Family of Jonathan K. Leung in memory of Jonathan K. Leung
Family of Marguerit M. Raboy in memory of Marguerite M. Raboy '77
Family of Sol Raboy in memory of Sol Raboy
Family and Friends of Evangelos Dousmanis in memory of Evangelos Dousmanis ’03
Family and Friends of Guido D. Iacovelli in memory of Guido D. Iacovelli ’50
Family and Friends of Timothy L. Reilly in memory of Timothy L. Reilly ’08
Family and Friends of Joseph P. Sullivan in memory of Joseph P. Sullivan ’04
Friends and Colleagues of Mine Kalkan in memory of Mine Kalkan
Graduate Student Organization
Harpur's Ferry Student Volunteer Ambulance Service in memory of John P. Pryor ’88
Mary A. Horn and Charles H. Horn in memory of Michael J. Horn ’96
Beverly J. Kissel '78 and Jeffrey A. Kissel '77
Weinreb-Berenda-Carter Foundation, Inc. in memory of Ruth W. Berenda
Ben Wong and Joyce Wong in memory of Jennifer Y. Wong ’97

Gifts of $500 - $999

Michael F. Economos ’85
Eugene D. Flood ’57 in memory of Christian P. Gruber
Theresa A. Foudy ’90
Amy Weber and Sheldon I. Goldfarb ’73
Susan E. Gomes ’83 and Timothy Gomes ’83
Janet Gruner and Jerry Gruner ’99
Robert M. Hoover ’76 in memory of Geoffrey Guja

Stuart F. Koenig ’73
Elaine Leinung and John M. Leinung
Victoria Y. Yeung ’94 and Michael C. Linn ’94
David J. Moffitt ’92
Ellen Reid ’68
Joel E. Rosenberg ’79
Liz Rosenberg ’97
Keven M. Simmons ’86 and Melanie M. Simmons ’86 in memory of Joseph L. Cohen ’90
Diane L. Slonim ’78, Alex Slonim and Max Slonim in memory of Michael L. Slonim ’74
Howard D. Unger ’82 and Mindy S. Unger ’82
Jerry Zicchinolfi and Marie Zicchinolfi

Gifts in Kind

Michael Thomas Adriaansen ’03
Green Acres Lawn & Garden Center
Jeremy Korba ’01
Michael Radner ’86
Stony Hill Farm Greenhouses - Dana Keiser ’80
Tioga Gardens, Inc.
W & W Nursery & Landscaping

Student Support

Since its conception, Binghamton University students have supported the Memorial Courtyard. The following enhancements have been made possible through their generosity:

Graduate Student Organization — donor recognition display
Senior Class of 2002 — image tiles for the 9/11 memorial monument
Senior Class of 2003 — garden arbor for courtyard
Senior Class of 2004 — courtyard lighting system
Senior Class of 2005 — lighting for 9/11 memorial monument and boulder, Keith R. Nintzel ’05 memorial plaque
Senior Class of 2006 — Jonathan Ozimek ’06 memorial plaque.


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