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Career Planning

The interdisciplinary nature of study in materials science and engineering prepares graduates for careers in industry or academia. With an understanding of the relationship between the structure of materials and their properties and characteristics, materials scientists and engineers can work at the nano level in a number of disciplines. Developments can span a wide spectrum as graduates work to advance knowledge in energy technologies, aviation, engineering, medical devices, thermodynamics, robotics, acoustics and a nearly endless array of other arenas.

A number of resources are available for students as they plan their career path, starting on campus:

Career Development Center – provides a range of services, programs, events and resources to help students develop the skills and competencies needed for career success.

Alumni Career Network – a searchable database of Binghamton alumni who have volunteered to be contacted by students regarding career information.

CDC Library database – a catalogue of books available through the Career Development Center

Last Updated: 3/3/17