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Core Services

The MRC provides diversity training and education for the university staff and students using the Building Bridges to Cultural Competency Program. Training sessions are offered for staff throughout the year. Student trainings target student staff and student leaders such as Orientation Advisors, Residential Assistants, and new students.

The MRC facilitates programs that fall under four primary programmatic initiatives:

  • Educational Development
  • Student Recruitment
  • Student Retention
  • Inclusive Community Building

The MRC is a resource center in that we provide direct funding to cultural student groups through the Culture Connects Program Grant. This grant is designed to promote collaborative efforts in programming among cultural organizations of diverse backgrounds. Student groups compete for funding to conduct programs that seek to educate the entire campus community.

Signature Programs

MRC Cultural Fair

The MRC Culture Fair provides an opportunity for ALL BU student to explore ways to get involved and for ALL BU cultural student organizations to promote their organization's activities and reach more students. The Culture Fair is FREE and open to the entire campus community at the beginning of fall semester.

MRC Global Fiesta

An inclusive community activity in celebration of both religious and non-religious holidays around the world. The event occurs at the end of the Fall semester.

MRC Diversity Talks

Discussion forums for the campus community regarding issues of concern to students in the news, politics and around the world. They occur biweekly.

Other Initiatives

The Multicultural Resource Center supports programs observing Latin Heritage Month (October), Black History Month (February) Women's History Month (March) and Asian Heritage Month (April).

Alumni Professional Discussions and Panels – professional development, recruitment and retention activities which occur throughout the year.

Staff and student trainings – educational development and inclusive community activities which occur throughout the year.

Last Updated: 10/16/17