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Grants and Funding for Students at Binghamton University 

Cultural students organizations looking for additional funding or those organizations that do not meet MRC Culture Connect Grants requirements can utilize a number of different resources to fund campus-based student organization events and initiatives.  Some of those opportunities include:

  • SA Chartered Organization Budget
  • Campus Activities Fee Grant
  • OCC Grant
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life Grant
  • Convocations
  • Dining Services Diversity Grant

Read on below for a brief overview and information on where to go for requirements, instructions and application. 

Korean Student Organization Grant

The Korean Student Organization Grant is now managed by Center for Korean Studies.  Korean Student Organizations contact Center for Korean Studies to apply for and receive this grant.  The grant funding is still available.  Please contact MRC if you need assistance or have any issues applying for the grant.

Visit or Contact CKS for instructions and applications.

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Last Updated: 12/9/16