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Courses for Non-Majors

These courses are intended for students for whom music studies, whether in ensembles, studio, or the classroom, represent an enriching complement to other areas of endeavor. For undergraduate students who do not intend to major in music, the following courses, which have no prerequisites, are offered.

Course, Description, and Number of Credits

MUS 101 Introduction to Music 4
MUS 111 Music Cultures 4
MUS 113 Jazz in American Music 4
MUS 115 Pop Rock & Soul Musics 4
MUS 120 Music Theory for Non-Majors 4
MUS 180 Special Topics in Music 4
MUS 141 Beginning Piano 2
MUS 143 Voice Class 2
MUS 204 Symphony 4
MUS 280 Special Topics in Music 4
MUS 281 Special Topics in Music 2

For a description of each course, visit the University Bulletin.

Last Updated: 11/15/17