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Master of Music Degree Requirements

(for all MM programs EXCEPT Opera)

The Master of Music degree is for students with an area of emphasis in Conducting (Choral, Orchestral, or Wind Band emphasis), Collaborative PianoComposition, Instrumental Performance, Music History and Literature and Vocal Performance.

Click here to see the Opera concentration requirements (different from requirements listed above).

Students must complete a minimum of 32 graduate credits in music with an average grade of a B or above.


MUS 501: Music History and Research I (4 credits)*
(*recommended to be taken within the first year of study)

MUS 502: Music History and Research II (4 credits)

MUS 522: Analytical Techniques (4 credits)

Field of Specialization (12 credits)

Electives (4 credits)

MUS 599. Thesis (4 credits)


  • For instrumental or vocal performance majors: two recitals
  • For conducting majors: one substantial work with a major ensemble, and at least two additional performances
  • For composition majors: a portfolio containing at least two substantial compositions
  • For music history and literature majors: a written thesis

In addition, history majors must demonstrate a reading knowledge of one foreign language (German or one Romance language). Piano proficiency must be demonstrated by the ability to play a Bach chorale.

For a complete list of degree requirements, please check the University Bulletin.

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Last Updated: 8/6/18