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Our Student Accounts office will be posting a bill on the BUSI website for you, just look under the student accounts section. It will list tuition and fees as well as health insurance and room and board. If you are on payment Plan B, it should also subtract the amount of tuition and fees from the total bill. If you already have health insurance you can request a waiver by printing out and sending in the appropriate form. If you are living on campus, there will be amounts for housing and meals. Depending on where you are housed, the amount may vary slightly (there are different amounts for living in traditional residential halls as compared to our apartment complexes). For meals I would recommend that you pay for the basic meal plan. You can always add money later if you run short, but they won't give you any back when you leave it you don't use it all. Please pay attention to any payment deadlines listed on your form to avoid late payment fees. If you are receiving financial aid and will be waiting for a refund check or have any concerns about your billing, please contact Student Accounts directly. You can access billing and financial aid information through the BUSI web center. If you do not respond to this billing form, they may charge you a late fee!!

Last Updated: 3/29/16