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(as of Sept. 30, 2010) Thank You to Dr. Karl A. Wilson

Species actually observed, voucher specimens taken - by KAW;

RG = observed by Robert Grosek

Satyridae – Satyrs and Wood Nymphs
Little Wood Satyr           Euptychia cymela

The Wood Nymph           Cercyonis pegala

Eyed Brown           Lethe eurydice

Northern Pearly Eye           Enodia anthedon (RG)

Danaidae – Monarchs
Monarch           Danaus plexippus

Nymphalidae – Brush Footed Butterflies
Baltimore           Euphydryas phaeton

Mourning Cloak           Nymphalis antiopa

Harris’ Checkerspot           Melitaea harrisii

Pearl Crescent           Phyciodes tharos

Northern Crescent           Phyciodes cocyta (RG)

Red Admiral           Vanessa atalanta

White Admiral           Limenitis arthemis arthemis

Viceroy          Limenitis archippus

Aphrodite Fritillary           Speyeria Aphrodite

Great Spangled Fritillary           Speyeria cybele (RG)

Meadow Fritillary           Bolaria toddi

Question Mark           Polygonia interrogationis (RG)

Lycaenidae – Gossamer Winged Butterflies
Spring Azure           Lycaenopsis argiolus pseudargiolus

Eastern Tailed Blue           Everes comyntas

Acadian Hairstreak           Strymon acadica

Striped Hairstreak           Strymon falcer

Coral Hairstreak           Strymon titus

Banded Hairstreak           Strymon falacer (RG)

Bronze Copper           Lycaena thoe

Papilionidae – Swallowtails
Black Swallowtail           Papilio polyxenes asterias

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail           Papilio glaucus

Pieridae – Whites and Sulfurs
European Cabbage Butterfly           Pieris rapae

Common Sulfur           Colias philodice

Orange Sulfur           Colias eurytheme

Hesperiidae – True Skippers
Silver Spotted Skipper           Epargyreus clarus

European Skipper           Adopaea lineola

Delaware Skipper (?)           Atrytone logan

Eastern Dun Skipper           Atrytone ruricola metacomet

Leonardus Skipper           Hesperia leonardus

Little Glassywing           Pompeius verna

Peck’s Skipper           Polites peckius

Tawny-edged Skipper           Polites themistocles (RG)

Long Dash           Polites mystic (RG)

Checkered Skipper           Pyrgus communis

Northern Cloudywing           Thorybes pylades

Wild Indigo Duskywing           Erynnis baptisiae (RG)

Least Skipper           Ancyloxypha numitor (RG)

Northern Broken-Dash           Wallengrenia egeremet (RG)

Hobomok Skipper           Poanes hobomok (RG)

Juvenal’s Duskywing           Erynnis juvenalis (RG)

Cobweb Skipper           Hesperia metea (BMONA – reported in Tioga, but not Broome Co.

Two Spotted Skipper           Euphyes bimacula (BMONA - in Broome, but RG doubts)

Butterflies Probably Found in the Nature Preserve
Observed in general area

Nymphalidae – Brush Footed Butterflies
American Painted Lady           Vanessa virginiensis

Milbert’s Tortoiseshell           Nymphalis milberti

Compton Tortoiseshell           Nymphalis j-album

Red-spotted Purple           Limenitis arthemis astyanax

Eastern Comma           Polygonia comma

Lycaenidae – Gossamer Winged Butterflies
American Copper           Lycaeena phlaeas Americana

Papilionidae – Swallowtails
Spicebush Swallowtail           Papilio troilus

Hesperiidae – True Skippers
Mottled Duskywing           Erynnis martialis

Columbine Duskywing           Erynnis lucilius

Last Updated: 10/19/17