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Yellow Spotted Salamander Migration 2010

Monday March 22
The major migration occurred a bit early this year. The major part of the migration of Yellow Spotted Salamanders crossed the Connector road on 3.22.10. The weather was great with breaks in the rain and heavy rain later. There was a very steady crossing from 8:30 until Midnight and trickled on throughout the night. A good number of people (60+) braved the weather and late hours to witness this annual event. They averaged about 15 an hour. There were females crossing as well as males (usually the males go first.). Eggs have appeared along the bridge. There were many red efts (the terrestrial phase of the Eastern Red Spotted Newt), as well Spring Peepers and even some Wood Frogs crossing the road. Wood frogs were in the vernal pools and have already left egg masses in the pools. There was even a tiny two inch long Least Shrew on the road eating worms, but it was too fast to get a picture.
Below are some pictures from this year's migration by Victoria Londner and Roy Paston.

Female (large swollen body) just coming out of the woods.

Males have a distinct distinguishing feature. (hey! the yellow is just the arrow label!)

Half way there...

Using a ramp!

We don't know why the female was going the "wrong" way...

On ramp..

One last stretch through the woods!

Spring Peepers don't need the ramps.

Efts don't need the ramps either, but they'll use them.

Wood Frogs also lay egg masses in the waterways and vernal pools.

Last Updated: 12/6/17