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NECCES Battery Dry Room

Currently undergoing testing and evaluation; will be fully equipped and available to companies and others by June 2018.

NECCES has recently completed the installation of a Battery Dry Room to assist in designing the next generation of lithium-ion batteries for transportation and to enable renewable energy. Such batteries and supercapacitors must be constructed in environments containing less than 2% water vapor. 

The NECCES Dry room will assist the Southern Tier in maintaining its leadership position in the energy and transportation field, as it will allow for academia and industry to research, develop, manufacture, and test advanced energy storage devices that will be used in transportation as well as renewable energy applications such as solar, wind, grid and home storage units.


Equipment includes: 

• Slurry Mixing Machine
• Electrode Preparation Machines (Coating, Calendering and Punching)
• Pouch Cell Making Machines (Pouch forming, Zig-zag Stacking, Welding, Electrolyte Filling and Sealing)
• Degassing and Vacuum Sealing Machine
• Formation Cycler System with 32 Channels
• Ar-filled Glove Box
• Vacuum Oven

*User fees will be established.



The Dry Room is located in the basement of the Center of Excellence. Click here for more information.



Battery Facility Manager
Dr. Hui Zhou



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Last Updated: 7/17/18