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October 2019

Congratulations to the NECCES  Director, Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham, the winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry! For more information please click here.


July 2019

Congratulations to Carrie Siu, Ieuan Seymour, Jatin Rana and Yuhchieh Lin, the winners of DOE EFRC 10 at 10 Scientific Ideas Contest!

Carrie Siu and Ieuan Seymour receiving the award.


July 2018

The NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage (NECCES), led by Director & Distinguished SUNY Professor Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham at Binghamton University, has been given $3M by the Department of Energy's Energy Frontier Research Center program to continue its important research for two more years. The NECCES team will use the funding to make energy-storage materials work better and to develop new materials that are "cheaper, environmentally friendly, and able to store more energy than current materials can".  For more information, please click here.

June 2018

Dr. Shirley Meng is the winner of the American Chemical Society Applied Materials & Interfaces Young Investigator Award for 2018. Dr. Meng's research focuses on the direct integration of advanced characterization techniques with first principles computation modeling for developing new materials and their architectures for the next generation of electrochemical energy storage systems. For more information, please click here.

May 2018

BlavatnikDr. Shirley Meng is a 2018 Blavatnik National Award Finalist for Young Scientists in Physical Sciences & Engineering. This is the world's largest unrestricted prizes to early career scientists. The Blavatnik Family Foundation is an active supporter of many leading educational, scientific, cultural, and charitable institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and throughout the world. For more information, please click here.

April 2018

Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, was featured on a full page in "The Chronicle of Higher Education" for his lifetime work in Lithium-Ion Batteries. For more information, please click here.

March 2018

shirleyDr. Shirley Meng has been selected to receive the 2018 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Young Investigator Award. In recognition of the award, Dr. Meng will receive, honorarium, an award plaque, free registration to the Fall ACS Meeting. She will be recognized for her award at the Fall ACS Meeting in Boston, MA as part of the Colloid Division (COLL) program. For more information, please click here.


zachNECCES research appears in the first article,entitled "Catching a Battery in the Act: Lithium-ion battery operation revealed in real time by scientists at NECCES" of the Frontiers in Energy Research. This article will be featured on the DOE Office of Science Twitter feed on April 2. This article was written by graduate student, Zachary Lebens-Higgins, of Dr. Louis Piper's group. To read the article, please click here. 


JoridDr. Jordi Cabana (University of Illinois at Chicago) of NECCES  in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab developed a new technique,  X-ray ptychographic tomography, that lets them pin point the location of chemical reactions happening inside the lithium-ion battery in three dimensions at the nanoscale level. Their results are published in the journal of Nature Communications and as a highlight on the DOE Office of Science webpage . This For more information, please click here.

Katsuyo Thornton Dr. Katsuyo Thorton of NECCES has been appointed the L. H. and F.   E. Van Vlack Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at the   University of Michigan for her research focuses on computational   and theoretical investigations of the evolution of microstructures   and nanostructures during processing and operation. Her   investigations have facilitated the understanding of the underlying   physics of materials to aid in designing advanced materials with   desirable properties.  Dr. Thornton will also be receiving the TMS   Brimacomb  Metal at the 2018 TMS Meeting in March.  The TMS   Brimacomb  Metal is a mid-career award that recognizes individuals with  sustained excellence and achievement in business, technology,  education, public policy, or science related to materials science and engineering and with a record of continuing service to the profession. For more information, please click here. 

February 2018

C4V Previous NECCES Post-Doctoral Associate, Dr. Shailesh   Upreti's start-up company Imperium3 (iM3) NY is creating   the state's first Giga-factory Production of Lithium-Ion   Batteries, that will result in over 230 jobs. iM3 has just   acquired the Alevo battery plant in Concord, North 
 Carolina and will be moving this plant to Endicott, NY to fast-track local production. For more information, please click here.

NAEDirector M. Stanley Whittingham was elected as a member to the National Academy of Engineers. Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. Academy membership honors those who have made outstanding contributions to "engineering research, practice, or education, including, where appropriate, significant contributions to the engineering literature" and to "the pioneering of new and developing fields of technology, making major advancements in traditional fields of engineering, or developing/implementing innovative approaches to engineering education." For more information, please click here. 

January 2018

Meng awardMengWhittingham

NECCES Member, Dr. Y. Shirley Meng, received the Young Career Award from the International Coalition for Energy Storage and Innovation, which was presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting. At the same meeting, Director M. Stanley Whittingham was presented with the Life-time Achievement Award. For more information, please click here.

Three members of NECCES, Jordi Cabana, Shyue Ping Ong and Louis Piper each won an award from the Scialog: Advanced Energy Storage competition, resulting from their collaborative proposal written during the conference. Each team, consisting of early career researchers who have not previously collaborated with one another, will receive $100,000. For more information, please click here.

November 2017

The Frontiers in Energy Research, the EFRC newsletter, has just released their Fall 2017 edition, which includes an article from Zachary Lebens-Higgins, graduate student for NECCES, entitled "Electricity-Free Cooling". Click here to read the article.

Hui Zhou Dr. Hui Zhou was hired to be the Battery Facilities Manager for the   NECCES Battery Dry Room, located in the Center of Excellence on   Binghamton University's (BU) campus. He will be responsible for       outreach, maintenance, training, and assisting users in battery cell   making and testing on energy storage technologies. Dr. Zhou was   previously a post-doc in Dr. Whittingham's group at BU.

October 2017

NECCES held its annual All-Hands on Meeting at Binghamton University on October 5-6, 2017. At this meeting each FIT was presented in front of the Science Advisory Board and  there was a poster session.




SallisShawn Sallis of Binghamton University has received a  Collaborative Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Advanced  Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for two years. This fellowship program provides challenging opportunities to conduct collaborative research and instrument development in areas supporting the scientific mission of the Department of Energy (DOE), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), and the ALS, including physical, chemical, material, energy, environmental, geological, and biological sciences. For more information, please click here.

zachGraduate student, Zachary Lebens-Higgins, was awarded the ALS Doctoral in Residence Award for 2016-17. The fellowships enable students who have passed their Ph.D. qualifying or comprehensive exams, and advanced to candidacy, to spend a year in residence at LBNL working closely with a staff member at either or both facilities. The students acquire hands-on scientific training and develop professional maturity to complement their doctoral research. Applicants must be full-time students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in the science or engineering disciplines, and pursuing research that will benefit from ALS and/or Molecular Foundry capabilities. For more information, please click here.

Dr. Louis Piper received the S3IP / IEEC Early Career Award from Binghamton, NY.

Brian May, NECCES Graduate Student from University of Illinois at Chicago, received the following awards:
• Robert L. Snyder Student Travel Award, Denver X-ray Conference (2015)
• TA Appreciation Award, UIC Dept. of Chem. (2014)

Mark WolfmanMark Wolfman, NECCES Graduate Student from University of Illinois at Chicago, received the Department of Energy's Science Graduate Research Program (ScGRP) Award. The goal of the program is to prepare graduate students for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) careers critically important to the DOE Office of Science mission, by providing graduate thesis research opportunities at DOE laboratories. The SCGSR program provides supplemental awards to outstanding U.S. graduate students to pursue part of their graduate thesis research at a DOE laboratory/facility in areas that address scientific challenges central to the Office of Science mission. For more information, please click here.

New York State's Governor Cuomo Announces Imperium3 New York to Establish Lithium Ion Battery Giga-Factory in the Southern Tier, please click here for more information.

September 2017

The NECCES lab was featured in three commercials to help promote the Southern Tier of New York State. These commercials can be found here:

Southern Tier: Soaring Growth

Southern Tier: Soaring Region

Southern Tier: A Green Energy Hub 

 Natasha & Fred

August 2017

Whittingham Binghamton University has dedicated its newest building, the Smart  Energy Building, to Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham. "No one at  Binghamton University has done more to advance our smart energy  research efforts then Distinguished Professor M. Stanley Whittingham.  Internationally known for his pioneering research that lead to the  development of the lithium-ion battery, his work put Binghamton on  the map. The University is honored to have him lead our efforts in  battery research and we thank him for sharing his knowledge with students and colleagues". 

NECCES Graduate Student, Zachary Lebens-Higgins, published the following article in the EFRC's Frontiers in Energy Research Newsletter, "The Thorny Problem of Lithium Batteries: A 3D carbon nanotube sponge curbing the dendrite formation problem". To read the full article, please click here. 

Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham has been appointed Chief Science Officer of NAATBatt International. Dr. Whittingham is a key figure in the history of the development of lithium batteries discovering the concept of intercalation electrodes in the early 1970's. In his role as Chief Science Officer, Dr. Whittingham will be NAATBatt's spokesman on issues relating the the science of advanced battery technology. For more information, please click here. 

Shirley's award

 NECCES FIT 1.2 Leader, Dr. Y. Shirley Meng, was awarded  the IUMRS - MRS Singapore Young Researcher Award  2016. In  order to recognize the outstanding contributions  made by young researchers on materials science,  IUMRS and  MRS Singapore have jointly instituted the "IUMRS - MRS  Singapore Young Researcher Award". For more information,  please click  here.


July 2017

Paul LinMarc HidalgoIeuan Seymour

NECCES members attended the 2017 EFRC PI Meeting at the Marriott Wardman Hotel in Washington, D.C.  on July 24-25 to present on the recent findings of NECCES and collaborate with other EFRCs nationwide. 

To read the article written by Zachary Lebens-Higgins, a graduate student at Binghamton University, for the EFRC's Frontiers in Energy Research, entitled The Thorny Problem of Lithium Batteries: A 3D carbon nanotube sponge curbing the dendrite formation problem, please click here.


Jordi Talk Here is a Youtube Video of Co-PI, Dr. Jordi Cabana from the  University of Illinois, Chicago give a talk on the imaging work  of NECCES entitled, X ray Microscopy pf Battery Reactions. To  watch the full video, please click here.



Clare Grey NECCES Science Adviser, Dr. Clare Grey, has been selected to be a  Fellow of the Electrochemical Society. The Electrochemical Society  Fellow was established in 1989 for advanced individual  technological contributions in the field of electrochemical and solid  state science and technology; and active membership and  involvement in the affairs of The Electrochemical Society. For more  information, please click here.


June 2017


 NECCES Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, received the  ISSI Senior Scientist Award for his profound impact on the  field of solid state ionics and particularly on the science and  technology underlying today's prevalent lithium  rechargeable battery technology. For more information,  please click here.

May 2017

NECCES students at Binghamton University have won the following awards:

  • Carrie Kaplan: 2017 Lois B. Mackey Award for outstanding performance as a 1st year TA
  • Yong Shi: 2017 Clifford Meyers Summer fellowship in Materials Chemistry
  • Marc Hidalgo: Graduated with his MS (including a Professional Masters degree, which is the first Professional Masters degree on Binghamton University campus)

Zach Lebens-Higgins Zachary Lebens-Higgins, a graduate student at Binghamton University,  has been accepted into the EFRC's editorial board for  Frontiers in  Energy Research. The purpose of Frontiers in Energy  Research is to  showcase the outstanding research and scientists  within the centers.  The audience for the electronic newsletter is  program managers and  others at the Department of Energy, scientists at other centers, and the  science-curious public. The editorial board's task is to disseminate the accomplishments and activities of the EFRC Centers to the scientific community and DOE through the Frontiers in Energy Research newsletter. More

April 2017

Brian May & Mark Wolf NECCES E-Team Leader, Brian May, and Graduate Student, Mark  Wolf's, research on how batteries break down at a special beamline,  allowing scientists to take readings as the batteries are running was  mentioned in the Argonne National Laboratory Magazine, "All-  Nighters for Science". For more information, please click here.

Clare Grey

 NECCES would like to congratulate its Science Advisor, Dr.  Clare  Grey, who has been awarded the new  ISSI "Mid- Career Award" for  her outstanding contribution to the  science of solid state ionics. For  more information, please  click  here.


Nick Quackenbush

NECCES graduate student Nicholas Quackenbush's dissertation, "The Physics of Ultra-Thin Vanadium Dioxide: At the Surface, Interface, and In- Between," was selected as a Distinguished Dissertation for the year 2016 at Binghamton University.




March 2017

The NECCES All Hands-on Meeting at Rutgers University was held on March 29-31, 2017.  At this meeting, NECCES e-Team held a networking event and NECCES members presented on their FITs, discussed the upcoming report.

march meeting



Ping-Chun Tsai Ping-Chung Tsai, NECCES Graduate Student, recently won the  Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST, Taiwan) Fellowship,  2015. The mission of the Science and Technology Division is  to promote bilateral scientific and technological cooperation  between ASEAN countries and Taiwan, communicate with  ASEAN countries scholars, researchers and high-tech  professionals and encourage them to teach or invest in Taiwan. For more information, please click here.

Yet-Ming ChiangDr. Yet-Ming Chiang, NECCES FIT 2.2 Leader, recently received the following awards. Click on the links below for more information.


Guangwen ZhouDr. Guangwen Zhou, NECCES Co-Principal Investigator, received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities from Binghamton University. For more information, please click here. 




Hanlei ZhangHanlei Zhang, NECCES Graduate Student, was awarded a Scholarship to attend the 2017 Winter School on High Resolution Electron Microscopy, Arizona State University. For more information, please click here



Peter ChupasDr. Peter Chupas, NECCES Co-Principal Investigator, received the 2016 Stony Brook University’s 40 Under 40 Award for Science & Engineering and Crain's Chicago Business 40 Under 40 Award (2013). For more information, please click here.



Katsuyo ThorntonDr. Katsuyo Thornton, NECCES Co-Principal Investigator,  received the Ted Kennedy Family Faculty Team Excellence Award award from the University of Michigan's College of Engineering for her work with the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light-Water Reactors. For more information, please click here.


January 2017

Gerd CederDr. Gerbrand Ceder, NECCES Science Adviser, won the International Battery Association (IBA) Research Award for his significant contribution to battery research and technology development that has impacted the advancement of energy storage systems . The IBA Award will be presented to Dr. Ceder at the IBA 2017 conference in Nara, Japan, at the Nara Kasugano International Forum. For more information, please click here.


December 2016

Linda Wangoh NECCES Graduate student's, Linda Wangoh from Binghamton      University, work on LiVOPO4 was featured in the Autumn 2016   edition of the EFRC Newsletter, entitled: Illuminating Batteries with  Brilliant X-rays, and in the ALS Brief entitled, Understanding Barriers to Higher-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries. 


November 2016

Stanley Whittingham Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, NECCES Director and ISSI  President from 2009-2011, is the recipient of the first ISSI  Senior  Scientist Award, the highest honor given by the  International  Society for Solid State Ionics (ISSI). Dr.  Whittingham will  present a special invited talk at SSI-21 entitled: “Solid State  Ionics – The Key to the Discovery, Introduction and Domination of Lithium Batteries for Portable Energy Storage.” For more information, please click here.


October 2016

Shirley Meng Congratulations to Dr. Shirley Meng, NECCES FIT 1.2 Leader, for  receiving the Charles W. Tobias Young Investigator Award from the  Electrochemical Society. The award, established in 2003, recognizes  outstanding scientific and/or engineering work in fundamental or  applied electrochemistry or solid-state science and technology by a  young scientist or engineer. For more information, please click  here.



September 2016

Clare Grey NECCES Associate Member, Dr. Alexej Jerschow, and Science  Adviser, Dr. Clare P. Grey's, work was cited in a  News Release by  New York University, entitled: "Chemists Offer Enhanced 3D Look  Inside Batteries". Through magnetic resonance  imaging, the team  has developed a method to yield highly detailed, three-dimensional  images of the inside of batteries. For  more information, please click  here


August 2016

Dr. Gerbrand Ceder NECCES Science Adviser, Dr. Gerbrand Ceder, has been awarded  the 2016 Materials Theory Award from the Materials Research  Society. The Materials Theory Award recognizes exceptional  advances made by materials theory to the fundamental  understanding of the structure and behavior of materials. This  award is intended to honor both those who have pioneered the  development of a new theoretical approach and those who have used existing approaches to provide significant new insight into materials behavior. The award consists of a $5,000 cash prize, a presentation trophy and a certificate. For more information, please click here.


Karena Chapman NECCES Thrust 3 Leader, Dr. Karena Chapman, has been named one of  Chemical & Engineering New's Talented Twelve. The Talented Twelve is  a group of "skilled young 'operatives'... convertly using chemistry to  safeguard the planet". Dr. Chapman has been named for her work,  consisting on being in charge of the high-energy X-Ray beamline at  Argonne National Laboratory and spending the past decade  developing its capabilities. For more information, please click here.


July 2016

Shawn at ALS

Shawn Sallis,  graduate student for NECCES, has been  awarded the  Advanced Light Source (ALS) Doctoral  Fellowship in Residence for the second year in a row.  The ALS, a division of Lawrence Berkeley National  Laboratory, is a national user facility that generates  intense x-ray radiation for scientific and technological  research. The Fellowship enables students who have passed their Ph.D. qualifying or comprehensive exam to acquire  hands-on scientific training and develop professional maturity for independent research. For more information, please click here.


NECCES Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, and Co-PI, Dr. Y. Shirley Meng, are part of the winning team for the Department of Energy Battery500 program, announced by the White House on July 21st. This $50 Million award, administered to four national labs and five universities, is part of a very large Presidential initiative to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles. Fore more information, please click here.

June 2016

group photo

NECCES held its annual All-Hands on Meeting at Binghamton University on June 29-30, 2016. At this meeting each FIT was presented, there was a poster session, and a meeting  was held for the PIs and e-Team.

May 2016

Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, Director, creates a video about the Li-Ion Industry
and Li-Ion supply chain. For more information, click here.
Stan Whittingham

March 2016                

Nicholas Quackenbush  NECCES graduate student, Nicholas Quackenbush, won a National         Research Council Postdoctoral Research Award through the National           Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He will be working full-time   at the NIST beamline at NSLS-II for HAXPES. Awards include funds for           stipend, benefits, travel and relocation. For more information, please click here.

New York Battery and Energy Storage (NY-BEST) has again reelected NECCES Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham to the Board of Directors and named him the Vice Chair of Academia on their Consortium Board. Dr. Whittingham is joined by other University and Industrial Energy Storage leaders. NY-BEST serves as an expert resource to energy storage-related companies and organizations seeking assistance to grow their businesses in New York State.  This includes access to financing, research capabilities, potential partners, technology developers, manufacturers, and other private sector and government resources.  NY-BEST serves as an important connector in establishing a strong energy storage “ecosystem” encompassing all stages of energy storage product development and use. To find out more information, please click here.

January 2016

The Annual NECCES Winter All-Hands-On Meeting was held at the Rutgers University Inn in New Brunswick, New Jersey on January 13-14 . At this meeting, NECCES members presented on their FITs and discussed the upcoming Mid-Term Report.


December 2015

Katsuyo Thornton

Dr. Katsuyo Thornton, NECCES Senior Personnel, is the 2015 winner of the TMS MPMD Distinguished Service Award for her dedication and leadership in establishment of a vibrant, comprehensive, and successful TMS program in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering. Dr. Thornton is also the 2015 winner of the Jon R. and Beverly S. Holt Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award is presented annually by College of Enegineering to one faculty member in Materials Science and Engineering and one in Industrial and Operations Engineering to recognize outstanding teaching.

Gerbrand Ceder

Dr. Gerbrand Ceder, NECCES Science Adviser, was quoted for his  work with Lithium-Ion Batteries in The  Economists, entitled:  Nanoparticles: To the Heart of the Matter. To read this article, click here.

NECCES Science Adviser, Dr. Gerbrand Ceder, was elected as a  foreign member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for  Sciences and the Arts. In addition, he has also been named the  2016 Recipient of the Morris Cohen Award from The Minerals,  Metals and Materials Society (TMS). The Morris Cohen Award    recognizes "an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of materials properties."

Shirley Meng

NECCES FIT 1.1 Leader, Dr. Shirley Meng's, work in developing  better lithium-ion batteries has been featured in KPBS, entitled:  San  Diego Researcher Push to Build Better Batteries; in the San  Diego  Business Journal, entitled: UCSD, Southern California Edison  Join  CalCharge; and in Business Wire- A Berkshire Hathaway  Company,   entitled: CalCharge Expands Energy Storage Initiatives  as California  Boosts Renewable Goals. Click on the media outlet titles for more information.

Shawn Sallis

 NECCES Graduate Student, Shawn Sallis, has been featured in the  Binghamton Research Magazine, Discover-E, about his work on Lithium  Ion Batteries. For more information, please click here.

Stan Whittingham

Director Whittingham, the pioneer in the research and  development of the lithium battery, gives a talk on Science Studio  about why lithium batteries are so efficient, and why they are  sometimes subject to rupture, overheat or even explode. To  listen, please click here.

Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, took part in the  Electrochemical Society (ECS) Podcast- Critical Issues in Renewable Energy at the 228th ECS Meeting. The podcast was moderated by ECS vice president Krishnan Rajeshwar, with guests David Wesolowski, The Fluid Interface Reactions, Structures and Transport (FIRST) Energy Frontier Research Center; M. Stanley Whittingham, NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage (NECCES); Gary Rubloff, Nanostructures for Electrical Energy Storage (NEES) Energy Frontier Research Center; and Paul Fenter, Center for Electrochemical Energy Science (CEES). To listen to the Podcast, click here.

November 2015

Stan Whittingham

 Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham has won the  Technology      Innovation Leader of the Year Award from the  Small Scale  Systems  Integration and Packaging Center (S³IP)  at Binghamton  University.  S³IP brings together partners  from government,  industry and  academia, providing  opportunities for collaborations  that will advance  microelectronics research and development. The  Center was designated as a New York State Center of Excellence in 2006.

September 2015

Stan Whittingham

 ECCES Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham has been predicted to  win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry by Thomas Reuters Citation  Laureates for his pioneering  research leading to the development of  the lithium-ion  battery. Having accurately forecasted 37 Nobel Prize  winners since 2002,  the annual study mines scientific research  citations within the Web of  Science™ -the premier global search and discovery platform for the sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities-to identify the most influential researchers in chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, and economics who are likely winners of the Nobel Prize now or in the future. For more information, please click here.

August 2015

Group PhotoManagement Team

The NECCES Annual Hands-On Meeting took place at Binghamton University from August 24-25, 2015. Each member of NECCES was present to collaborate and discuss the progress of their work. In addition to presentations and discussions, each Post-Doctoral Associate and Graduate Student presented a poster.

Shawn Sallis

Shawn Sallis, a graduate student for NECCES, has been awarded the  Advanced Light Source (ALS) Doctoral Fellowship in Residence. The    ALS, a division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is a national user facility that generates intense x-ray radiation for scientific and technological research. The Fellowship enables students who have passed their Ph.D. qualifying to acquire  hands-on scientific training and develop professional maturity for independent research. For more information, please click here.

June 2015

Dr. Shirley Meng

 A press release from Argonne National Laboratory features Dr. Shirley   Meng's, NECCES Senior Personnel, work entitled: X-ray Imaging Reveals     Secrets in Battery Materials. This study explain why one particular    cathode material works well at high voltages, while most other  cathodes   do not. The insights could help battery developers design  rechargeable   lithium-ion batteries that operate at higher voltages. For  more                   information, please click here.


Dr. Yet-Ming Chiang's, NECCES Senior Personnel, start-up  company, 24M, is working on a new type of lithium-ion battery  that it says is vastly cheaper than what's currently on the  market. The company describes their innovation as "the most  significant advancement in lithium-ion technology in more than  two decades," and if the battery can deliver on its promise it could help deliver low cost batteries for important new emerging markets. For more information, please click here.

May 2015

Stan II

 Director of NECCES, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham, received the Louis B.  DeFleur Faculty Prize for Academic Achievement from Binghamton  University for his outstanding contributions to the university and his        world-class work in the development of materials for batteries. Dr.    Whittingham will be presented this award at the Excellence Award  Ceremony this fall. 

April 2015

Dr. Karena Chapman

 NECCES Thrust 3 Leader, Dr. Karena Chapman, was selected to  
 receive the 2015 MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award, which  will be  presented  at the Spring meeting. The MRS Young Investigator  Award  recognizes outstanding, interdisciplinary scientific work in  materials  research by a young scientist or engineer. The award  recipient must show exceptional promise as a developing leader in the materials area. For more information on award, please click here to view an Interview with Karena Chapman.

March 2015

               Conference 3NECCESStan Conference                                    Conference conference 2Conference II

conference 1

 The Annual NECCES Spring Meeting was held at the Rutgers  University Inn in New Brunswick, New Jersey on March 12-13. At  this meeting, the Science Advisory Board provided critical  feedback to the NECCES team and leaders. 

January 2015

Dt. Stan Whittingham NECCES Director, Dr. M. Stan Whittingham will receive the NAATBatt    2015 Lifetime Achievement Award-Technology.  Prof. Whittingham is    widely acknowledged as the inventor of the  modern lithium-ion  battery. His work has facilitated battery applications that would have  been unthinkable 30 years ago. For more information on NATTBatt,  please click here.

Gerbrand Ceder Dr. Gerbrand Ceder, co-PI of NECCES, was elected to become a Fellow  for the Material Research Society (MRS) for 2015. MRS Fellows are  outstanding members who have made sustained and distinguished  contributions to the advancement of materials research and have been  recognized internationally. For more information on the MRS Fellows  program, please click here.

December 2014

NECCES Director, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham is featured in a Newsweek article (December 13, 2014) entitled, Batteries That Will Save the Planet. To read article, please click here. 

November 2014 

News Channel 34, in Binghamton New York,  ran a story on the NECCES and Dr. M. Stanley's Whittingham's research entitled, Remarkable Research: Lithium Batteries. To view this video, please click here.

Electro-Chemistry Award

 Prof. Shirley Meng, co-PI of NECCES, is one of the five awardees    who was selected to receive Science Award Electrochemistry    2014. The Science Award Electrochemistry is a joint initiative  between Volkswagen and BASF, two leading industrial  companies.  The award was created as a way to give an impulse  for raising  new research resources.  More

Two member of NECCES, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham and  Dr. Yet-Ming Chiang, presented at the NY-BEST and JCESR  Energy Storage Technical Conference at the Adam's Mark  Hotel in Buffalo on November 5, 2014.   Dr. Whittingham spoke about his work on increasing the energy density of a Lithium-Ion battery and Dr. Chiang spoke in the New Battery Chemistry Session on his work with Lithium-Sulfur batteries. 

Dr. Whittingham
Dr. Chiang

September 2014

Nicholas QuackenbushNicholas Quackenbush, a graduate student at Binghamton        University, has been accepted into the EFRC's editorial board for  Frontiers in Energy Research. The purpose of Frontiers in Energy  Research is to showcase the outstanding research and scientists  within the centers. The audience for the electronic newsletter is  program managers and others at the Department of Energy,  scientists at other centers, and the science-curious public. The editorial board's task is to disseminate the accomplishments and activities of the EFRC Centers to the scientific community and DOE through the Frontiers in Energy Research newsletter. More

August 2014

Kick-Off Meeting. A planning team-building meeting of the key research personnel took place on August 20th at Binghamton University.

NECCES Kickoff Meeting

NECCES Kickoff Meeting

Clare Grey   Professor Clare Grey FRS was awarded the 2014 Davy Medal by          The Royal Society for further pioneering applications of solid                state nuclear magnetic resonance to materials of relevance to              energy and the environment. More

June 2014

New NECCES EFRC DOE awards EFRC to Binghamton to understand the reactions occurring in energy storage electrodes.


Malid & Abdellahi

NECCES is proud to report   that Rahul Malik and Aziz   Abdellahi have been selected as co-recipients of the 2013 ECS Norman Hackerman Young Author Award for best paper published in JES for electrochemical science by a young author. Their paper, "A Critical Review of the Li Insertion Mechanisms in LiFe PO4 Electrodes," is published in JES, Vol. 160, No. 5, 2013, p. A3179. The Young Author Award is the second oldest award given by ECS. Originally established in 1928, the award was renamed in 1989 in honor of Norman Hackerman, editor of the Journal of The Electrochemical Society from 1969 to 1990.


SSRL (a directorate of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) recently highlighted chemical imaging work performed by NECCES scientists at LBNL. More

Prof. Clare Grey,FRS was awarded the 2013 Günther Laukien Medal at the 54th ENC conference in Asilomar, California. This award is for her innovative applications of solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to energy storage systems, in particular to lithium batteries. She has to a large extent created, by her own contributions, a flourishing new field of NMR with a great potential for future beneficial discoveries and applications. More

The latest issue of Frontiers in Energy Research, the newsletter for Energy Frontier Research Centers, highlights research by NECCES scientists.  In addition, this issue also includes a piece by NECCES researcher, Jaroslaw Syzdek, who serves on the newsletters editorial board.


December: NECCES scientists recently developed methods of examining lithium-ion reactions in real-time with nano-scale (billionths of a meter) precision. " We've opened a fundamentally new window into this popular technology," said physicist and lead author Feng Wang. "The live, nano-scale imaging may help pave the way for developing longer-lasting, higher-capacity lithium-ion batteries. That means better consumer electronics, and the potential for large-scale, emission-free energy storage."

The article, Tracking Lithium Transport and Electrochemical Reactions in Nanoparticles, was published in the recent issue of Nature Communications and can be found at In addition, the work was highlighted in the following news pieces, blogs and websites.

-BNL Newsroom
-Journal of Microscopy & Microanalysis
-Energy Harvesting Journal

February: NECCES's latest research on the use of MRI to show the inner workings of batteries (published in Nature Materials) was highlighted in the Engineer.


November: NECCES announces change in directorship.

October: M. Stanley Whittingham was recently selected to receive the Yeager Award from the International Battery Materials Association (IBA) for his life-long contributions to new secondary battery and related materials research field, which have been recognized internationally. The award will be presented at the IBA meeting, which is being held jointly with the Pacific Power Source Symposium (PPSS), in Kona, Hawaii, in January 2012.

September: Professor Clare Grey FRS has been awarded the 2011 Kavli Medal and Lecture for her pioneering work in solid state NMR uses in the field of lithium-ion batteries and will give her lecture on October 6, 2011. Read more about her talk here.

July: Recent paper from the Ceder group Kinetics of non-equilibrium lithium incorporation in LiFePO4. In this work, members of NECCES demonstrate that the reason LiFePO4 functions as a cathode at reasonable rate is the availability of a single-phase transformation path at very low overpotential, allowing the system to bypass nucleation and growth of a second phase. The LixFePO4 system is an example where the kinetic transformation path is fundamentally different from the path deduced from its equilibrium phase diagram. [490 KB, pdf]

In May 2011, Clare P. Grey was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society.
Members of NECCES gathered together at the spring MRS meeting which took place in April 2011.

Members of NECCES gathered together at the spring MRS meeting which took place in April 2011.

MRS Meeting


A number of NECCES members were able to meet while attending the June 2010 IMLB in Montreal.

June 2010 IMLB

Rutgers team research selected for cover art work in Journal of Materials Chemistry.

     See enlarged Cover Art.JMC Cover
     See Cover Arts Credit.

Stan Whittingham ranked among the 40 top innovators in the Greentech Hall of Fame. More

Building a better battery, and not only for cars (Binghamton Research).

NECCES researchers came together for the biannual meeting, held at Rutgers University in early February 2010.

Biannual Meeting


Prof. Clare Grey awarded EFRC grant. Prof. Grey will receive $17 million over five years for "Northeastern Chemical Energy Storage Center (NOCESC)"



 US Department of Energy

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