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Senior Management and Research Thrust Leaders

Management Team

Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham

M. Stanley Whittingham; Director: Intercalation
Thrust 1 Leader

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His research interest and expertise includes elucidation of the limiting mechanisms, chemical and structural, of intercalation reactions using a variety of synthetic and characterization approaches, both in-situ and ex-situ. Development of new materials and new synthetic approaches.


Glenn Amatucci Glenn Amatucci, Associate Director; Transport
 Thrust  2  Leader

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His research interest and expertise includes the identification and synthesis of new bulk, film and nanocomposite electrodes for energy storage. Isolation of reaction mechanisms of electrode materials through in-situ and ex-situ x-ray, vibrational spectroscopy, and electrochemical techniques. Relationship of the dynamic phase evolution of electrode materials to their final electrochemical performance.


Karena Chapman Karena Chapman; Characterization Thrust 3 Leader

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Her research interest and expertise includes exploring the coupled structural, chemical, and electronic processes underlying electrochemical energy storage via advanced synchrotron-based characterization tools. Developed new operando and time-resolved experimental capabilities based on Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis and powder diffraction complimented by small angle scattering and x-ray absorption methods.


Clare Grey

Clare P. Grey; Science Adviser

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Her research interest and expertise includes the structural characterization of electrode materials by using a variety of long and short-range experimental probes (e.g., nuclear magnetic resonance and diffraction methods). Development of novel insitu NMR approaches to investigate battery function.


Gerbrand Ceder

Gerbrand Ceder; Science Adviser 

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His research interest and expertise includes Ab initio modeling of Li-intercalation and conversion materials: structure, electronic transport, phase transformation and phase stability.


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