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Research Highlights

  1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Method Used to Detect Li Dendrites in Lithium Batteries

  2. Tracking Lithium Transport and Reaction in Single Nanoparticles

  3. Structure, Defects and Thermal Stability of Delithiated Olivine Phosphates

  4. Aliovalent Substitution in LiFePO4 Modifies its Phase Diagram, thereby Enhancing its Reactivity in a Li Battery

  5. Cannibalization of Electrolyte Decomposition Products

  6. AMPIX Cell: Expanding Operando Analytical Tools for Battery Research

  7. Mesoscale Phase Distribution in Li-ion Battery Electrode Materials

  8. Atomistic Insights into the Conversion Reaction in Iron Fluoride: A Dynamically Adaptive Force Field Approach

  9. Origin of Additional Capacities Seen in Metal Oxide Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes

  10. Decoupling structural and chemical changes in mixed-anion batteries

  11. Aliovalent Substitution for Li in LiFePO4 Forms Sarcopside Clusters Enhancing the Reaction Rate in a Li Battery

  12. Identifying Phosphate Materials that Can Intercalate 2 Li to Enhance the Capacity of a Li Battery

  13. Coupling of chemistry to atomic- and nanoscale structure in electrochemical conversion

  14. Understanding LixFePO4 Kinetics: From Bulk, to Single Particle, to Many Particles

  15. Capturing metastable structures during high-rate cycling of nanoparticulate LiFePO4 electrodes

  16. Characterizing and Controlling Matter away from Equilibrium Using the Model Compound Electrode LiFePO4 

    1. How do we characterize and control matter away- especially very far away - from equilibrium?

  17. Non-equilibrium Pathways during Electrochemical Reactions in Battery Materials

  18. Decouple the Observation from the Operando Electrochemistry Measurement

  19. Topological Defect Dynamics in Operando Battery Nanoparticles

  20. VOPO4

  21. Electronic and Ionic Transport in NCA and NMC Cathodes

  22. Aluminum Distribution in the Pristine NCA Cathode

  23. Obtaining Theoretical Capacity: Layered Oxide vs. Electrolyte Stability

  24. Insight into Realizing the Full 2 Li+ Capacity of Multi-Electron LixVOPO4

  25. Narrowing the Gap Between Theoretical and Practical Capacities in Li-ion Layered Oxide Cathode Materials 

  26. The Microstructural Origin of Battery Capacity Fading

  27. Reaction Heterogeneity in Li-ion Electrodes Induced by Surface Coatings

29. Nanoscale Mapping of Crystallographic Ohases in Battery Reactions

30. Performance Impact of Surface Chemistries Developed During Ambient Exposure on Layered Oxides

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