May 30, 2024
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8 Reasons Why I Love Binghamton

What’s not to love about the Carousel Capital of the World? As a student of Binghamton University for four years and a full-time resident of Binghamton for two years, I have discovered that the Greater Binghamton area provides an amazing environment to become a young adult and professional. If I wrote them all down, this blog would be a 45-minute read, but here are a few reasons why Binghamton is so great.


People eating at Lost Dog

Binghamton is a foodie town, for sure. While Restaurant Week is one of my favorite semesterly traditions, my friends and I love to enjoy the local restaurants year-round. My personal favorites are Binghamton Hots for a garbage plate, the food of my hometown; Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge for the best spinach and artichoke dip, and 205 Dry for an exciting ambience and where I’ll be having my graduation dinner!

Animal Adventure Park

Giraffe at Animal Adventure

If you’re looking to feed giraffes or see an actual real bearcat, Animal Adventure Park is the place to be. Over 300 animals live here, representing over 100 species. You can also drive through a 3-mile path through 100 acres of land and have animals come right up to your window! Check out their animal encounters with sloths and capybara or their calendar full of events throughout the season.


My friend, RJ, ready to take on a swim at Nathaniel Cole Park, or as Binghamton students call it, “The Blake.”

I love being outdoors surrounded by beautiful scenery. Nothing is better than a good walk, picnic, cross-country skiing with a buddy. If I’m pressed for time, I can take a stroll in the Nature Preserve right on campus and see turtles, beavers and deer. Ostiningo Park, Wittman Dam, and Nathaniel Cole Park are the places I frequent the most. Nathaniel Cole even has kayak rentals and swimming.

Kopernik Observatory


This place was my go-to spot during the pandemic and is still the place to go to escape and have an amazing view. A little less than a 20-minute drive from campus, the Kopernik Observatory & Science Center has the best view of the stars you can get. There’s also a neat playground that we as college students still totally use while we’re up there at night.


Rumble Ponies stadium
An amazing sunset during a Rumble Ponies game.

I would not consider myself a sports fan, but I sure am a Binghamton sports fan. Going to Rumble Ponies baseball and Black Bears hockey games are some of my favorite memories at Binghamton. Mirabito Stadium, where the Rumble Ponies play, always has the best sunsets and often puts on firework shows after games. Black Bears games have packed houses filled with excitement and tons of opportunities to make a jumbotron appearance.


My friends Bailey, Faith and I out on the frozen water in the Nature Preserve after sledding.

Some may not believe me when I say this, but the weather is one of the best things about Binghamton, and, yes, snow is included in that statement. We have all four seasons in Binghamton. Summers are green, warm and gorgeous. Fall brings beautiful colors throughout the hills, apple picking and corn mazes. Winter coats the area with snow, making skiers like myself happy. Spring blooms with pink and white flowers and sunshine that brings everyone out on the quad.

Music and Performing Arts Scene

The Binghamtonics performing for the local community at the Firehouse Stage.

Binghamton’s Forum Theater hosts Broadway shows and operas. The Anderson Center on campus shows ballets, Irish dancing troupes and orchestras. For a more intimate setting, you can see performances at the Firehouse Stage. Being a performing arts kid growing up, having tons of opportunities to see and support the arts is perfect. My favorite show was watching my friends sing with one of the Univesity’s very own a capella groups, The Binghamtonics, at the Firehouse stage.

Sunsets and Rivers

A sunset captured while leaving campus.

Some of the greatest sunsets I’ve seen have been here in Binghamton, either on campus, the back roads of Vestal, the streets of downtown or at a Rumble Ponies game. We are blessed with oranges, yellows, pinks and purples in our skies. Our rivers, the Chenango and the Susquehanna, are an integral landmark in the community. I even have a tattoo in the shape of these rivers because I love Binghamton so much (just don’t tell my mom!) And if you can catch a sunset on the river, you’re golden.
Of course, while there are only eight listed here, there are an infinite amount of things I could add to this list. I could write a dissertation on why I love Binghamton so much, but I thought I’d save you all some time. For even more about the place I’ve called home for the best four years of my life check out

Chloe Van Caeseele is an intern for the Office of Media and Public Relations, and a senior majoring in anthropology with a minor in linguistics. She is also a campus tour guide and a resident assistant in Hinman College. In her free time, she loves to ski, take spin classes and watch (too much) reality TV. After graduation she will be working as a Hotdogger driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

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