December 1, 2023
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25 Cool Clubs at Binghamton University You Might Want to Join

With more than 450 clubs and organizations at Binghamton University, it can be overwhelming to decide which to join. To start your search for the perfect group to be a part of, think about your interests, what you like to do in your free time and what difference you would like to make in the Binghamton community. Below is a list of 25 clubs and organizations you probably didn’t know about. With such a variety of interests represented, you’re bound to find the perfect club for you!

1. Binghamton University Bees

Binghamton University Bees aims to raise awareness for the rapid decrease in the bee population while maintaining four on-campus apiaries. The group works to educate students about the importance of bees and their role in a sustainable ecosystem.

2. American Red Cross

Are you interested in service and looking to make a change? The American Red Cross Club is a service group that helps fulfill its humanitarian mission of preparing for, preventing and responding to emergencies. Working closely with Binghamton’s local chapter, club members participate in Red Cross service projects that help their schools, their communities and the world!

3. Binghamton Art Club

Bring out your inner Picasso by joining Binghamton Art Club! This club works to connect artists and foster inspiration, while providing opportunities through different art-related events!

4. Binghamton Television

If you enjoy videography and filmmaking, look into BTV6: a completely student-run television studio! BTV6 works to provide all members of the community with an outlet for expression and creative development in production and studio management.

5. Active Minds

Through education, research and advocacy, Active Minds works to open up the conversation about mental health while creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for and valued at Binghamton University.

6. Candid Photography Club

If you are an aspiring photographer or love snapping photos in your free time, join Candid Photography Club! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer, this club is the perfect place to learn more about photography while sharing experience and skills with others!

7. Explorchestra

Do you love composing and performing music? The Binghamton University Explorchestra provides an opportunity for student composers to showcase their original work, and allows student musicians to perform pieces written by themselves and their peers!

8. Guitar Club

If you’re looking for a musical outlet, try out Guitar Club— even if you don’t know how to play! During “Jam Sessions” you can meet club members, play music together, teach each other and make friends with similar tastes!

9. Imagination Craft Works

Let your imagination run wild with Imagination Craft Works: Binghamton University’s first club that is dedicated to teaching and learning a wide variety of arts and crafts!

10. KnitWits

Do you love to knit, or have you always wanted to learn how? KnitWits is an opportunity for students to knit or crochet to create clothing, blankets and other items to donate to charity!

11. Mafia Club

Do you love the game Mafia? Mafia Club gives the Binghamton community a fun new outlet for socializing and playing the party game Mafia, alongside other popular social deduction games!

12. Moda X

If you’re looking for an outlet to express your love of hip hop, street style dance, modern dance or Korean pop, join Moda X! Moda X is a dance academy that unites different styles and aspects of dance into one uniform organization. In this safe space, members will learn to appreciate the influence of different cultures on multiple styles of dances that are popular around the world.

13. No Strings Attached

If you love singing and theater, check out No Strings Attached: Binghamton University’s musical theater a cappella group. The club puts on a variety of performances and musicals for students to showcase their talents!

14. Origami Club

Learn about the art of paper folding, better known as origami, through Binghamton University’s Origami Club! This organization works to promote a sense of community through the traditional discipline of origami. Members are encouraged to freely display their creations, and some artwork is even used for fundraising purposes and donations to charity!

15. Paws and Effect

If you’re an animal lover, join Paws and Effect to help make a difference! This club’s mission is to help local shelter animals and ease the burden of local animal shelter workers, while raising community awareness of shelter animal welfare issues.

16. Slam Poetry Club

Do you love poetry and public speaking? Embrace the art of spoken word through Binghamton’s Slam Poetry Club! This group fulfills the growing demand for slam poetry on campus and actively helps students grow as writers and performers, while fostering self-expression, confidence and community.

17. Poker Club

Looking to up your game? Test your poker skills against other students in Poker Club! The group hosts weekly poker-related activities and a few large-scale tournaments throughout the year.

18. Quimbamba

Embrace Latino and African roots through the art of dance with Quimbamba! Quimbamba is a group of diverse individuals working together to educate Binghamton about Latin culture through various dance performances and events throughout the year.

19. SnoCats Ski and Snowboarding Club


If you love to ski or snowboard and are looking to take advantage of our region’s hilly terrain and winter snowfall, join SnoCats! This club provides its members with a social outlet centered around reasonably priced ski and snowboard trips.

20. Spoon Magazine

Macaroni and cheese

Cooking in college can be hard, but maybe you’re a great cook, or have learned a thing or two in the kitchen in your time at college. Spoon Magazine serves as a guide for college students, offering simple recipes, cooking tips and reviews so students can make the most of their meals away from home. The group works to bring students full coverage of the local dining scene, offer useful food hacks and tips applicable in dorm kitchens, and publish on food-related campus events!f

21. Stand-Up

A group of friends

If you’re looking for an outlet to perform your stand-up comedy routine, or if you love watching comedians, join Stand-Up! This group creates a welcoming environment for students who want to practice their routine or get in a good laugh.

22. Storytelling Workshop Club

Paper and pen

If you’re looking to harness your writing skills in a creative space, join the Storytelling Workshop Club! Not only does the group provide an outlet for students to write creatively, but it also educates students on different writing forms, techniques and other useful tools!

23. The Business Fashion Society


Do you love fashion, are fascinated by the industry, or want to learn more about it? The Business Fashion Society is a student-run organization which connects members with executives and recruiters in the fashion industry while guiding students of all majors to become industry leaders. The group assists in the professional development of undergraduate and graduate students through industry lectures, guest speakers, panels and a variety of networking events and summits.

24. Video Game Association


If you love gaming, the Video Game Association brings together students of different skill levels to participate in various video games amongst each other!

25. Zero Hour Binghamton

Climate change activism

If you’re looking for an outlet to engage in environmental activism, join Zero Hour Binghamton! This environmental justice organization works closely with Binghamton University and organizers in the tri-city area of Vestal City, Johnson City and Binghamton to tackle the many injustices that are exacerbated by the climate crisis. Meetings are held every other Thursday, and the group hosts events throughout the year, such as riverside clean-ups, painting potted plants and a huge sustainable clothing swap!

Too many to choose from?

If you still aren’t sure which club or organization is for you, check out the full list on B-Engaged, or take the Club Match Quiz to learn which club is the perfect one for you!

Nicole El Chami is a senior majoring in English and she interns in the Office of Marketing and Communications at Binghamton University. She is excited to begin graduate school in the fall, where she will be working towards her career goal of becoming an English teacher. In her free time she loves painting and going on walks with her dog.

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