April 18, 2024
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10 Things I’ve Learned From My Time at Binghamton

As a graduating senior, I’ve been gifted with a whole lot of hindsight. Reflecting on my college experience not only makes me feel ancient but also realize just how much wisdom comes with these four years. Here’s to many more lessons beyond the classroom!

Appalachian Dining Hall is #views

Mountainview dorms

Having never lived in Mountainview, I always treated any visit up to App as a special occassion (and a workout). The combination of the glass interior and freshly made peanut butter never failed to make me feel like a dang millionare.

If you don’t live in Mountainview, pop up to Applachian to switch up your dining routine and experience one of the best views of campus. And if you do, well, that freshly made peanut butter isn’t going to eat itself!

A little rain never hurt anyone

Students walking through the snow to class

In Binghamton, you quickly learn: when it rains, it pours… on and off for about two hours, and then it’ll maybe be sunny for 10 minutes, but then rain again, probably. If you can take on Bing’s ever-changing forecast, there isn’t much you can’t do!

There's a study spot for everyone

Students studying on the floor in the library

Whether you’re a fourth floor Bartle total-silence type or a social, group-study learner, there’s a space for you. Test out a bunch of random spots all around campus to see what fits best with your habits! I personally like Newcomb Reading Room, as it’s open, full of natural light and conveniently located right next to Jazzman’s. My advice is not to underestimate the usefulness of academic buildings, like Fine Arts or the Science buildings, as they offer a unique opportunity at an isolated workspace.

Give classes outside your major a try

African dance routine on campus

I’m a psychology major, but one of my favorite classes here at Binghamton was actually Beginning African Dance with Professor Elikem Nyamuame. Not only was it a great workout, but I learned firsthand how dance can serve as a powerful tool in forging connections with others and communicating important messages, like the value of community.

Living downtown has its charms

Sunset in downtown Binghamton

Though it may have its own quirks, downtown Bing is home to delicious restaurants, cute local shops and a large student community. I really loved the sense of independence I gained through living off-campus. Also, I’ve been able to add like seven different pasta dishes to my repertoire, so there’s that!

My peers are doing amazing things

Binghamton alum founded businesses

You know you’re in the right place when you’re constantly being motivated by your fellow student’s achievements. This campus is home to app creators, entrepreneurs and artists alike, and every last one of them make me simultaneously feel underaccomplished and beam with #BingPride.

The Fleishman Center will hook you up

Event in the Fleishman Center

Your tour guide wasn’t lying! This office is home to professional gurus that know how to spin your summer job into perfectly crafted resume bullet points. Not only that, but they put on a ton of cool events. One such event is the NYC employer site visits, in which students tour offices from a variety of industries with the Binghamton alum that currently work there. Through this program I got the chance to tour J.Crew’s New York headquarters and yes, it was just as chic as you’d imagine.

Join an organization for a family away from home

Rhythm Method a cappella group

Two of the best decisions I made in my time here were getting involved with Women’s Club Soccer and Rhythm Method, the “songs you grew up to” a cappella group. Joining clubs not only allows you to do things you’re passionate about while focusing on something other than your 16 credits, but also, most valuably, it allows you to connect with people that share similar interests. It gives me a huge amount of comfort to know that not only will I be an alumna of this amazing school, but also of two incredible groups full of friends that I know I can always come back to.

B-Line can score you some free pizza

B-Line announcements

B-Line. You know, that 10:30 a.m. email that everyone anxiously awaits with the promise of some seriously informative hyperlinks? Though you may be tempted to press “spam” after receiving a couple dozen, the emails actually serve as a great resource for staying informed. Countless organizations and departments submit their events, workshops, performances, what have you, to the daily email service. Reading through B-Line makes you realize that there are so many interesting things going on on campus, so you have no excuse to be bored! Also, many events promise free pizza, and those two words present a pretty strong argument on their own.

Compassion goes a long way

People participating in random acts of kindness

To end on an overarching note, one of the most valuable lessons that college has taught me is to be patient and understanding of others. Once you realize that everyone deals with their own hardships and stress, it becomes considerably easier to accept your differences, get along and work together.

Lessons learned, Binghamton!

Sofia Villela is a senior and native of Albany, N.Y., interning with the Office of Media and Public Relations. On campus, she takes part in women’s club soccer and The Rhythm Method a cappella group. Off campus, she takes part in dance parties with her housemates and FaceTimes with her dog, Frida.

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