February 22, 2024
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8 Clubs at Binghamton You Probably Didn’t Know About

With over 160 clubs and organizations to choose from, Binghamton students have every chance to get involved with something they love. From the Math Club to the Art Club, the possibilities are endless. But did you know there’s a club for hula hoopers? Or an association for sharing ghost stories? Here’s a list of eight of the clubs on campus that you probably didn’t know about, but should.

1. Car Club

Students at a car show on campus

If you love cars, come hang with other auto enthusiasts at the Car Club! Students in the Car Club discuss cars, show off their whips, attend the occasional car show and even host their own car shows on campus. The only requirement: a love for wheels! No fuzzy dice required.

2. Hula Hoop Club

Students hoola hooping on campus

Hula hoopers of all skill levels at Binghamton come together every Friday to share their skills and socialize. The Hula Hoop Club works to spread the art of hula hooping around campus! Once hip-shaking members become more advanced, they even get to put on performances!

3. KnitWits

Students knitting on campus

The KnitWits provide an opportunity for those who love to crochet and knit to do a good deed and create clothes, blankets and other items to donate to charity. Even if you have no previous experience, advanced members teach newbies the art of crocheting, which means anyone can join. So have a blast— one stitch at a time.

4. Live Action Role Playing Club

Students LARPing on campus

You may be walking on the Peace Quad one day to find a group of people wearing capes and fighting with fake swords. Don’t be alarmed, that’s just the Live Action Role Playing Club! LARP gives you the chance to get creative. Save the princess from a dragon or defeat the powers of evil! Because the world can always use another ice mage.

5. Origami Club

Students doing origami on campus

Explore the ancient art of origami in Origami Club! Member creations go towards fundraising and charity in the hopes of bettering the community. From basic techniques to advanced skills, members are encouraged to display their creativity— and it’s all for a good cause. Don’t worry; this group won’t fold anytime soon.

6. Paranormal Association

Students at a campfire on campus

If you like sitting around a campfire and listening to spooky stories, join the Paranormal Association! Learn about the ghostly world and listen to the personal experiences of fellow members. The club even digs into Binghamton University’s own haunted history. Because all those floating orbs must mean something, right?

7. Production and Mixing

DJ group BPM on campus

Got any dope beats? Binghamton’s Production and Mixing Club is the campus’ digital music production and DJ group. This group works to enhance skills and learn various digital audio workstations. BPM even promotes events and contests, giving members a chance to show off their talents!

8. Zombie Student Association

Students at Zombie Prom on campus

With over 200 members, the Zombie Student Association hosts games for students interested in zombie scenarios. The ZSA is the sole provider of Humans Versus Zombies, a game of tag that takes place once a semester. If you love to be chased by dead people, the Zombie Student Assocation is definitely the place for you!

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