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8 Frightfully Fun Things to Do in Binghamton This Halloween

Halloween is a long-awaited holiday for those of us who liked to be scared. If that doesn’t sound appealing, it’s okay to simply be excited for fall aesthetics, decorations and costumes. Some of my best memories are around Halloween, mostly due to the lovely temperate weather and the many fun activities that surround it. Here are several things to do for a frightfully fun Halloween in Binghamton!

Attend a costume party or movie night

Both the Multicultural Resource Center and Late Nite are hosting spooky movie nights! Late Nite is teaming up with the Q Center to host Halloween giveaways and a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Johnson Hall is also hosting a Halloween party and costume contest. Dream up your best costume or enjoy a Halloween film!

Brave a haunted house

Slaughterland is, unapologetically, one of the scariest haunted house experiences in Upstate New York. They host five heart-thumping, nightmare-fueling attractions. Another frightening option is Reaper’s Revenge out in Scranton, Pa.

Try out an escape room

If you are looking for something a little less scary and more intellectually stimulating, escape rooms are a great Halloween activity! Southern Tier Independence Center hosts four themed rooms, with varying levels of difficulty. There is even a Twilight Zone-themed room inspired by show creator and Binghamton native Rod Serling.

Carve pumpkins, pick apples, and escape corn mazes

There are a number of locations for classic fall activities in Binghamton. Check out Apple Hills for apple or flower-picking, or Stoughton Farms for their eight-acre corn maze! My experience with apple-picking and corn mazes are always positive, and these Binghamton locations are no exception. The Cider Mill is a popular destination to satisfy all your fall cravings, and Jackson’s Pumpkin Farm has a pumpkin waiting for you to carve with your friends.

Explore Roberson’s haunted mansion

If you’re looking to learn some spooky history, the Roberson Museum hosts haunted mansion tours, detailing ghost stories and more! They also host a Family Halloween Spooktacular where costumes are encouraged and activities are plenty!

Enjoy a Halloween-themed performance

Binghamton Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing several spooky tunes, including Danny Elfman’s music from The Nightmare Before Christmas (one of my favorite movies) and the timeless “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

Eat cheese and track down a murderer

In an unlikely cooperative event, Binghamton’s Cheese Club and Mafia Club have organized a free “Cheese x Mafia Halloween Night,” where, as one could guess, cheese will be served and the popular party game mafia will be played. Don’t miss out on the student effort and innovation for this event.

Experience Owego’s Halloween Festival

Only 20 minutes from campus, Owego will hosts its third annual Halloween Fest. Owego is one of my favorite destinations near Binghamton for its quaint, homey atmosphere, and there is no doubt that their Halloween festivities are a great excuse to make the trip.

Stephen Folkerts is an intern for the Office of Public Media and Relations, and a senior majoring in English. He hopes to work in ministry and publishing. In his spare time, he enjoys jazz drumming, poetry and basketball.

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